Bachelorette Scavenger Hunts

And you want something for your gang of girls that’s going to be incredibly fun for everyone, have a little dash of “racy” bachelorette-humor, and also makes the bride-to-be feel like the center of the universe even before her wedding day?

cityHUNT Bachelorette Scavenger Hunts are the answers to all your bridesmaid challenges. These customized and affordable two to three hour scavenger hunts are perfectly personalized and so much fun that you won’t even mind wearing that questionably pink frilly bridesmaid dress on her special day. Plus, the memories and photos will make you laugh and smile for years to come. The bride only gets ONE bachelorette party, so let us help you make it one of a kind!

Scavenger Hunts

How it Works!

cityHUNT’s Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt will have your group exploring your city’s best spots while completing hilarious photo and video challenges. Between each pit stop, your teams will solve mind-bending clues, complete an array of humorous tasks and record it all onto cityHUNT’s mobile app. Each team will be completing these clues and challenges for points. The team with the most amount of points at the end of the hunt are the winners and they deserve a round of shots! Whether you want a wild “last night out” with your girls full of drinking and dancing, just a fun alcohol free night with the ladies, or something in between, we’ve got you covered! Lucky enough to have a Vegas bachelorette party? Our Las Vegas scavenger hunt will have you solving fun clues on the strip and will let you see parts of Vegas you’ve never seen before.

Plus, our Bachelorette Adventure keeps your unforgettable evening all in walking distance, so you can save $ on the limo. With just a little input from you, cityHUNT will turn your party into a creative celebration for the Bride, with just the right mix of customized fun facts, gently embarrassing stories, and crazy pictures that will be yours to keep forever… (whether or not you show the groom is your call).

What are your options?

cityHUNT will customize your scavenger hunt however you want but here are a few fun ideas to get the cartwheels turning. We offer bachelorette scavenger hunts in just about every city in the U.S.! Want to find the biggest adam’s apple in the big apple? No problem! Looking to explore HOTlanta? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to drink your way down Bourbon Street donning mardi gras beads in New Orleans…Sure thing! We can arrange a bachelorette scavenger hunt there too! We got you covered from coast to coast! Our team makes sure to create a unique, one of a kind scavenger hunt experience that is tailored to highlight the most fun parts of your city. On top of that, our team will personalize each hunt with fun hints about the bride and bridesmaids to make it even more fun and hilarious. Maybe your bride to be is in love with Ryan Gosling? One of the missions might be to take a photo with someone who looks like him! Or if she is a huge Taylor Swift fan, we might send you to a karaoke bar to sing one of her songs and take a video! The possibilities are endless. Each hunt has a personal cityHUNT planner who will personalize your experience and make sure it is unforgettable. These planners are scavenger hunt experts who are passionate about making your bachelorette party spectacular!

Here are some reviews from our past happy bachelorettes:

“We had a great time as a team. I had fun running around the city and learning new things, getting to be silly and bonding with my teammates”
“The hunt was really great! Everyone had a blast and we loved watching the videos and looking at the photos.”
“All of the participants loved it and the ability to see the city in a new way. New friendships were created and sustained and it was so great to see them learning how to communicate in new ways, learning new things about each other and having fun!”
“Everyone enjoyed being out and about in downtown Orlando, and the pictures/videos people took were hysterical.”
“We all had a great time, got to know each other better and had fun!”
“It was great exploring the city and doing funny and silly things”

Look no further, the answer to your perfect bachelorette party is with cityHUNT…. We know our way around a good time! Happy Hunting!