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Check Out Some Of Our Awesome Seattle, Washington Scavenger Hunt Locations

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Pike Place Market – The World Famous Giant Shoe Museum

For this stop, participants had to locate the World Famous Giant Shoe Museum inside of the famous Pike Place Market. The museum was designed to resemble a circus sideshow entrance. It showcases part of Danny Eskenazi’s collection, which was inspired by trying to locate a wingtip shoe worn by the world’s tallest man, Robert Wadlow. While this specific pair of shoes has still never been found, the museum features the largest collection of giant shoes in the world!

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Seattle’s Gum Wall – A Colorful… Sticky Stop

For the next stop in Seattle, teams visited the famous Gum Wall, located in Post Alley just beside Pike Place Market. This unique attraction began in the 1990s when visitors and performers at Unexpected Productions, an improv theatre, started sticking their used gum on the wall. Over the years, it has grown to cover most of the brick wall throughout the alley. It was also named one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions in 2009… gross. Despite this, the Gum Wall remains one of the most popular attractions in Seattle. The challenge was to take a picture of the team adding their own contribution of gum to the wall.

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Pike Place Market – Public Market Center Sign

To kick off the scavenger hunt, participants were tasked with taking a selfie with the iconic Public Market Center sign. This sign serves as a symbol that has come to represent the heart and soul of Pike Place Market. This vibrant hub is home to hundreds of farmers, crafters, and small businesses, all coming together to enrich the Seattle community. The challenge was to capture a moment with this emblematic sign, embracing the spirit of community and connection that it represents.

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The Seattle Great Wheel – Trick Photography Challenge

For this playful stop, participants ventured to the Seattle Great Wheel. The challenge was to use trick photography to create the illusion of holding the massive wheel in the palm of their hand. The Great Wheel has been a prominent feature of the Seattle waterfront since its opening in 2012. The Seattle Great Wheel offers breathtaking views of the city and Puget Sound, making it a beloved landmark for both locals and visitors.

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Benaroya Hall – Conducting the Seattle Symphony

On this stop, teams made their way to Benaroya Hall, which is the prestigious home of the Seattle Symphony. Benaroya Hall, known for its exceptional acoustics and elegant design, provided the perfect backdrop for this creative endeavor, allowing teams to pay tribute to the cultural richness of Seattle’s music scene. The challenge at this stop was to capture a photo or video of a teammate conducting an imaginary performance of the Seattle Symphony outside the hall.

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Pike Place Market – First Starbucks

Teams made their way to the historic site of the first-ever Starbucks in Seattle. Located in the bustling Pike Place Market, this iconic coffee shop marks the birthplace of the world-renowned Starbucks brand. The challenge was to capture a picture at this landmark location, and of course, grab a coffee.

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Historic Chinatown Gate – Architectural Perfection

For this challenge, teams made their way to the Historic Chinatown Gate, a symbol of Seattle’s vibrant Asian community. The gate is renowned for its sturdy construction and beautiful design. People say that the Historic Chinatown Gate is so well built, after “the big earthquake,” it and the Space Needle will be the two tallest structures in Seattle. This stop was about appreciating the architectural beauty and cultural significance of the Chinatown Gate while embracing the traditional values it represents.

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Westlake Park Waterfall – In the Splash Zone

For the next stop, teams ventured to Westlake Park to chase waterfalls. Westlake Park is known for its lively atmosphere and community events. The challenge was to find the Westlake Park Waterfall and capture a picture of the team appearing to be underwater without actually getting wet. This task required a blend of creativity and photographic skills, as participants had to position themselves and angle the camera in such a way that created the illusion of being submerged beneath the cascading waters.

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Seattle Art Museum – Capturing Art

Participants visited the Seattle Art Museum and were given the challenge to take a photo in front of the museum, capturing the essence of this cultural landmark. The Seattle Art Museum, often referred to as SAM, has been a hub for art enthusiasts since its opening in 1933. Its collection spans from ancient artifacts to contemporary works, reflecting a diverse range of cultures and periods.

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