The most epic Cincinnati, Ohio Team Building Scavenger Hunt EVER!

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Cincinnati is full of cool and unusual things to see and do.

Bring your team out to explore the many attractions that give Cincinnati so much character. Visit the Cincinnati Mushroom House or stop by the American Sign Museum. Don’t forget to check out the Lucky Cat Museum! You will never run out of unique or simply odd things to do in this one-of-a-kind scavenger hunt!

Our Cincinnati, Ohio team building exercises are guaranteed to boost your corporate morale!

Check Out Some Of Our Awesome Cincinnati, Ohio Scavenger Hunt Locations

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Cincinnati Scavenger Hunt Events

You haven’t experienced Cincinnati until you’ve visited Over-The-Rhine! Check out the Rhinehaus bar with your teammates, chow down at the Goodfellas Pizzeria, and take the perfect group picture at the Imagine Peace and Unity Archway!

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Cincinnati Scavenger Hunt Events
Price Hill

Looking to plan the perfect company outing? Look no further than an adventure to Price Hill! Go to a sports game of your choosing at The Pit first. Then, grab a bite to eat at Incline Public House! You will have a blast talking about the game over some classic American dishes and beer!

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Cincinnati Scavenger Hunt Events

If you’re looking for a fantastic night-life where you can make unforgettable memories with your group, look no further than Corryville, Cincinnati! Hit up Bogart’s Music Venue for some wonderful live music. Then, try out the local Dive Bar for some drinks and fun stories exchanged between you and your friends!

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Cincinnati Scavenger Hunt Events
West End

The West End of Cincinnati is full of greenery, and is the perfect getaway for you and your group! Watch a fantastic show at the Cincinnati Black Theatre Co. Afterwards, relax in neighboring Washburn park, and maybe even grab some snacks for the occasion at Jet-In Market!

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Cincinnati Scavenger Hunt Events
Bond Hill

Bond Hill is a land of good food, good beer, and great company. Check out the Wiedemann Brewery to feel just like one of the locals. Next, grab a burger at Chili Time, and maybe even some dessert! A stroll through Ross Avenue Park will be the perfect end to a perfect day with your group.

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Smale Riverfront Park – Navigating the Labyrinth

For this challenge, contestants took a trip to Small Riverfront Park to find the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is a walking meditation space with a single winding path that spirals inward to the center. A labyrinth is not a maze and does not require its walker to make choices about where to turn. Since ancient times, these have been created to offer people a positive mental health and spiritual activity. 

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Black Brigade Monument – A Tribute to Courage

The Black Brigade Monument stands as a reminder of the voluntary service and sacrifice of hundreds of African-American men during the Civil War. In 1862, these brave individuals erected barricades in Kentucky as they were facing capture and being forced into harsh labor. The challenge for teams was to find this monument and take a photo honoring the names of the 700 brigade members. This stop was about paying homage to their courage and resilience, acknowledging their significant contribution to history, and reflecting on the enduring impact of their actions.

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Lytle Park – Finding a Famous Figure

Clue: “This park features a panorama of floral displays changing from tulips, magnolia and crabapple in the spring, to annuals and perennials in the summer and to annuals mixed with chrysanthemums in the fall. The 2.31 acre park also features an 11-foot tall heroic bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln.” Answer: Lytle Park! Participants had to find this park, and when they got there, they were challenged with the task of taking a picture with the Abraham Lincoln statue.

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Cincinnati Music Hall – Belting It Out

Teams visited the iconic Cincinnati Music Hall, where they were challenged to take a video of their team singing their favorite song. This grand venue, known for its stunning architecture and rich musical history, set the stage for a magical challenge. his stop was all about unleashing creativity, showcasing vocal talents, and creating a memorable performance that echoed through the streets outside of this iconic music venue.

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Taft Museum of Art – Create Your Own Masterpiece

In this challenge, teams had to make their way to the Taft Museum of Art. This museum is one of the finest small art museums in America. Housed in part in a National Historic Landmark built in 1820, it is home to an extensive art collection that includes European and American master paintings, Chinese porcelains, and European decorative arts. Once teams arrived, they were challenged to create their own piece of art using their bags, items in their pockets, or anything else they could find!

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Ohio River – Creative Casting

Hunt contestants took a trip to see the Ohio River for a fishing-themed challenge. Teams were tasked with taking a photo of themselves fishing in the river. Without fishing poles? No problem! The goal was to get creative, using whatever resources they had on hand to simulate the fishing experience.

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Paycor Stadium – Team Huddle!

For this challenge, teams made their way to Paycor Stadium which is the home of the Cincinnati Bengals. The challenge was to take a photo of the team lining up for “kickoff” on the field. This stop was all about embodying the spirit of teamwork and determination, with participants positioning themselves as if they were ready to charge down the field and score the winning touchdown.

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Why Scavenger Hunts?

We’ve explored other team-building possibilities for over 20 years, and we always come back to scavenger hunts. We’ve found them to be the most rewarding, fulfilling and human way for people to connect that’s inclusive.

There’s something for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert, extrovert, athlete or nerd. There’s a place for you in a cityHUNT.

Experience team building in Cincinnati, Ohio like never before!

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