Calling all meeting planners: As face-to-face meetings ramp up after the COVID-19 pandemic, there returns a combination of challenges in planning a team-building event for a variety of ages, an assortment of physical capabilities, and an array of interests. READ MORE

Truth is, not all jobs are fun. But there are some companies out there trying to make it so. Today’s installment of our summer series on “Fun at Work” takes us to New York, where Sally Herships reports sometimes fun is best left to the professionals. READ MORE

The event itself was a team building game set up by a company called CityHunt after the CEO of the company saw an article in the New York Times about the auticon and contacted auticon US president Rebecca Beam to set up this event. READ MORE

Team-Building Activities Are Worth It (Really)
A month ago, I paid to take my staff on a team-building scavenger hunt. Here’s why it was definitely worth it…. READ MORE

If it’s an unusual way to spend a workday afternoon, it’s becoming less so. Looking to build loyalty and improve communication among co-workers, companies are increasingly turning to team-building activities… READ MORE

Gone are the days of managers taking blindfolded walks in the woods or falling backward in a “trust fall” with the hopes of a co-worker catching them. Today, top New York City companies are… READ MORE

The once-dreaded team-building exercise comes of age… READ MORE

Wall Street Journal

The Today Show

A group of Brooklyn residents partnered with American Cancer Society for a scavenger hunt fundraising event… READ MORE

“Teambuilding event” can be an agenda item that sends shivers down the spines of meeting attendees, who may envision building towers out of office chairs, trust falls, or other often pointless efforts to bond. So in October… READ MORE

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