Neighborhoods for a Chicago Corporate Outing

//Neighborhoods for a Chicago Corporate Outing

imageChicago is a city that is the home to a vibrant business community. However, sometimes teams can become burnt out, distant, and in need of a way to reconnect with one another. A corporate outing can be a great way to bring individuals into a stress free environment, where they are able to build stronger relationships. Scavenger hunts call for teams to work together in order to obtain tangible goals all while having a great time. Here at cityHUNT we love the use of scavenger to bring people together. Below are some great neighborhoods to hold a corporate scavenger hunt.

3 Neighborhooods For Your Chicago Corporate Outing

Lincoln Park

Here’s why its number one on our list!

  • It is centrally located and connected to public transportation.
  • There are amazing historic landmarks that you can incorporate into your Chicago Corporate Outing.
  •  Hunt within the Old Triangle Historic District of Lincoln Park.
  • Lincoln Park is also the home of much natural beauty, such as North Alfred Beach and the Caldwell Lily Pond. These tranquil sites will give your teams a slice of the great outdoors while they are hunting in a concrete jungle.

Logan Square

Why we love Logan Square:

  • Though it is in the middle of Chicago’s fast paced urban sprawl, there is plenty of open space and greenery in this neighborhood.
  • Logan Square is known for its great dive bars, which could be awesome pit stops during your hunt or provide a unique ending location.
  • The recently gentrified neighborhood is highly diverse and filled with a variety of different cuisines, this provides something to satisfy every taste at the end of your Logan Square hunt.

The Loop

The L isn’t the only thing that moving in this Chicago neighborhood….

  • The Loop is Chicago’s downtown area and the home of many of the cities major attractions. For example Millennium Park, which is an outstanding combination of entertainment and architecture.
  • Within the cities high rise buildings are some of the nation’s most renowned arts institutions, like the Joffrey Ballet. These institutions provide great inspiration for location based clues and riddles.
  • The mix of contemporary and historical influences make Logan Square a perfect neighborhood to explore as there’s always something new popping up and old sites to rediscover.

In Conclusion

Now that you’ve heard our recommendations for awesome neighborhoods to host your Chicago corporate outing in you can start to plan your event! Hopefully we have provided you for some great inspiration. To plan an event or to learn more about team building in Chicago visit our site.


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