Conscious Capitalism

//Conscious Capitalism

Wouldn’t it be great if all business focused on what they could do to help improve the world around them? Imagine the impact having a world full of socially conscious business could have? Does this sound too good to be true? Ok, well maybe having the whole world of business participate is far fetched. But there ARE companies who are focusing on improving the world around them, they are part of the Conscious Capitalism movement.

What is Conscious Capitalism?

Conscious Capitalism  is a movement, and approach about conducting business to focus on more than just profit. This non profit organization is dedicated to cultivating the theory and practice of culture of transformative things, programs and events to promote companies working toward the enhancement of the world.

The concept focuses on four main principles:

In short, conscious capitalism is the focus of business outwards from their bottom line, to helping to improve the world around them, and  to empower business to better serve humanity.

Conscious Capitalism Conference 2014

This spring around 400 business people gathered in San Diego to explore the cause of Conscious Capitalism.  cityHUNT was lucky enough to attend this conference.  CEO of Ben Hoffman had this to say about the conference “Conscious Capitalism lives and practices what they preach, they made their conference, fun and experiential to help those attendings build vibrant relationships with conference participants”

We were was able to participate in the conference not only as someone networking, but as a facilitator of networking for others. We were given the ability to get the conference pumped up for the keynote speech from the Co-CEO of Whole Foods. During this time we got people up, and engaged and meeting 30 new people in 10 minutes.

cityHUNT is honored to have been a part of such a great event, and business movement.  We strongly recommend anyone who is interested in being a company about more than just profits should seek out Conscious Capitalism to learn more.



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