How to Combat Negativity and Boost Positivity in the Workplace

Your work environment should be a place of productivity and professionalism. It should also be a comfortable environment that you enjoy going to. Picture this. You are awakened early in the morning by your alarm, drag yourself to the bathroom to freshen up, look in the mirror, and immediately want to crawl back into the [...]

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A Los Angeles Scavenger Hunt; The Best Way to See the City

Los Angeles, the city of blinding lights, has captivated many. Yet, as in all places, when you live there, it is easy to take the amazing atmosphere and culture for granted. There are many things to see in the city, as well as endless ways to enjoy them. Of course, a Los Angeles Scavenger Hunt [...]

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Re-Vamping the Age Old Holiday Party

Bored of the same old office holiday party every year. Come on, we’ve all been to at least one, and you might even be planning a holiday party for your office right now. Leave the days of sub par baked goods and awkward conversation behind. Try something more exciting that will prove to not only [...]

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Understanding Your Corporate Culture

These days the words corporate culture are being thrown around a lot. If you work in the corporate world you’ve probably heard it before, and guess what? You’ve got one. Even if you don’t realize it every organization has a unique culture. Right now you may be thinking, what is mine? How do I find [...]

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The Power of Autonomy

It is crucial that one is able to feel comfortable sharing knowledge and new ideas in the workplace. However, if you feel like you are being harshly judged and monitored it is easy to feel like you are being suffocated. As a result your creativity and productivity could be hindered because of the culture of [...]

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Neighborhoods for a Chicago Corporate Outing

Chicago is a city that is the home to a vibrant business community. However, sometimes teams can become burnt out, distant, and in need of a way to reconnect with one another. A corporate outing can be a great way to bring individuals into a stress free environment, where they are able to build stronger [...]

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