5 Smart Tips To Up Your Holiday Office Party Game

Yes, it’s already that time of year again. The holidays seem to appear out of thin air every minute you’re cashing in your hard earned vacation time on a beach somewhere and the next all the cubicles in the office are decorated with garland and red bows. And as you know, with red bows [...]

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Dessert Building Throw Down

Hungry for a creative challenge? We have just the event for you! Are you looking for something that's sweet and rewarding for your group? cityHUNT will design a series of custom team building challenges and games that each team must complete to receive points, which will be exchanged for supplies to build and win the Dessert [...]

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Indoor team building, an alternative for winter

So you have decided that you need/want to do team building. Deciding what to do for a team building event can be daunting. A typical go to is to do some sort of company outing. This can seem limited in the winter months which can make the task of team building may seem downright impossible. [...]

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The Foundation of Positive Corporate Culture

The philosophies and values of our founding fathers continue to shape American culture, as well as our collective identity as Americans. Just the same, the attitudes of the individuals who found and lead companies mold the corporate culture of a company. Corporate culture represents the collective actions and motivations of individuals who are part of [...]

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Team Balloon Tag

If you love your team use long strings! This game isn't for the faint of heart and if you have a team member or two with an aggressive streak you might want to skip it (or strongly encourage those team members to tone it down for this).  Besides that it is awesome and can be [...]

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