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Virtual Team Building And Game Shows

CityHUNT takes the classic scavenger hunt to the next level and creates a unique and fun VIRTUAL  event for the whole team. Using our 20 years of gamification experience, and principals of positive psychology, we’ve created a game that can be played from multiple locations simultaneously, or at leisure.

Each of our 30-40 clues and challenges are specially designed to boost morale, and get your team laughing. Our virtual clues will require top-notch creativity, nimble problem solving, and an even bigger sense of humor! Get wild or stay mild, our producers will bring the party to you.

What is a Virtual Scavenger Hunt?

A virtual scavenger hunt uses the latest technology to connect players across any distance. Using photo and video submissions, teams can connect, share fun facts, complete challenges, and get to know each other better. Virtual Scavenger hunts are perfect for corporate teams and friends alike.

How It Works

Enjoy the excitement, entertainment and special attention that cityHUNT events offer….from the palm of your hand. cityHUNT Mobile Adventures  allow you to choose from a game that is customized and private, or prebuild and self run. All tiers are run through our specially designed mobile application that is iPhone and Android friendly. A mix of creative, trivia, and cryptic clues will keep players on their toes and strategizing to win. With an abundance of photo tasks to choose from, team members will need to hunt wisely if they want to get ahead. Players can go undercover, with our Spymode feature,  to live stream hints and cheats from other players. Don’t know who to drop in on? Leaderboard provides feedback in real-time to see who is leading the pack, and who needs to watch their back.

Just like our classic CityHUNT scavenger hunts, we have guides available to facilitate from afare! Using web conferencing technology, our adventure guides will be there for you to be your cheerleaders, referees, and help any player that may need more assistance! Don’t leave team building in the dark ages. Join a global community who is using CityHUNT to grow even stronger across any distance!

How Virtual Scavenger Hunts Help with Team Building

Virtual scavenger hunts are unique in that they meet players where they are: either in their homes or offices. Because these locations are more personal, there is a wider opportunity to learn more about your teammates than in a generic location. Challenges may include things like old photos, favorite items, preferred ways to exercise, and even showing off a family pet! Studies show that knowing personal details about a coworker or teammate can actually help with conflict resolution in the long term. It’s much harder to demonize another person in times of stress if you’ve seen photos of their wedding or their child’s graduation. Simply put, the more we know about another person, the more connected we are in empathy and understanding. Team building is all about feeling like you are a part of a unit, and the intimacy of our homes and private spaces can help that occur faster than it would otherwise. With an increasing number of workplaces moving to work from home structures, virtual scavenger hunts are more important than ever in keeping these remote teams connected and working well together.

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