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Our AWESOME NYC Scavenger Hunt Locations!

Midtown/Bryant Park

Bryant Park (often referred to as the “Town Square of Midtown”) is a beautiful and relaxing location to have a laid back team bonding experience. Not only is this park clean and charming, but it is actually full of history! Did you know that this park was used for military drills during the American Civil War?

Times Square

Times Square is one of the most well-known and populated locations in NYC. The bright lights, tourists, and entertainment are enough to keep your group engaged and having a blast long after your scavenger hunt is over. Interested in Broadway? Your team can put on quite a show in Times Square!

Union Square/Flatiron District

The energetic Flatiron District is the perfect location to put a dynamic corporate team or group of friends together for an awesome scavenger hunt full of fun and laughs.  Your team can bond over beautiful photos taken at Union Square Park!

“CityHunt is a great opportunity for your team to have fun, spend time together, and enjoy good company of peers. It’s definitely a morale boost for any participants. Thanks for the fun!! It’s an organization must!!”

Central Park

Discover hidden crevices in the greenest area of New York City. This National Historic Landmark is the perfect place to take advantage of our outstanding team building activities. With millions of visitors each year, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find your boss’ doppelgänger, right?

Columbus Circle

Just like Christopher Columbus (whom this circle was named after), see what kind of awesome discoveries you can make with your team!


Enjoy the view from the almost 1.5 mile-long aerial greenway, located in Chelsea. The amount of fun you can have with your scavenger hunt in this location is endless!

“Best team bonding experience ever! Every company should use city Hunt!!!!! Great adventure walking around NYC. We are going to do it every year.”

Lower Manhattan

Lower Manhattan is flooded with history and beautiful sights. From the Freedom Tower and the 9/11 Memorial & Museum to City Hall and City Hall Park, you have countless opportunities to bond with your team while wandering through the most historical part of NYC.

Wall Street

Wall Street is home of the NYSE and the Wall Street Bull, along with so many other things. It is a very populated neighborhood, flooded with tourists daily. It’s the perfect location to have a scavenger hunt. With all of the places to visit and things to see, you will have so many opportunities to get extra creativity points with your clues and challenges!

“My coworkers and I are having a great time walking around the city taking photos and videos of us doing silly things. A great time spent team building!”


This trendy neighborhood is home to beautiful cast iron architecture that will look stunning in your photos and videos all throughout your scavenger hunt.


The laid back, Bohemian lifestyle in NoHo is sure to get your mind motivated for some fun and eclectic clues and challenges during your city scavenger hunt.

Little Italy

Explore the Italian culture and delicious food in Little Italy! This location is sure to make your bellies rumble! When your hunt is complete, why not treat yourselves to an authentic pasta dish while sharing photos of your awesome adventure?!

Rockefeller Center

Experience this Natural Historic Landmark and all of the awesome artwork, sculptures, and attractions it has to offer. Whether you visit during the famous Christmas Tree lighting or want to enjoy a beautiful summer’s day on the Rock Observation Deck overlooking Manhattan, Rockefeller Center has you covered! As one of NYC’s most popular and iconic destinations, your team is sure to have a great time!

The Village (Greenwich Village)

Experience this lively and upbeat neighborhood while bonding with your team over an epic scavenger hunt. The fun vibe in this location is sure to get your group pumped up!

Washington Square Park

Splash around in the fabulous fountain or take a video of your team serenading a stranger underneath the Washington Square Arch. Whatever your challenge may be, Washington Square park is an awesome place for your team to build comradery and have an epic adventure!

Grand Central Terminal

Get ahead on the leaderboard by using the beautiful zodiac painting on the ceiling in the Main Concourse as the focal point for one of your scavenger hunt challenges.

Our New York City team building exercises are guaranteed to boost your corporate morale!

Steven B.
Steven B.
2017-06-14 13:22:04
I work for RBC and we had a Cityhunt event on June 14th. Despite the fact that it was a corporate event and we had to hang out with people from work, the...
Xiao Ling Z.
Xiao Ling Z.
2017-10-02 12:48:06
City hunt is an excellent team building activity! My team had a lot of fun figuring out puzzles and walking around the city. We thoroughly enjoyed the...
Angelica Z.
Angelica Z.
2017-10-02 12:47:37
Love cityHUNT and our tour within Lower Manhattan through the app. Felt like a total tourist but who cares? It's New York City. The blue team had a great...
Chris L.
Chris L.
2017-10-07 11:06:00
We had the best time today doing CityHUNT. I think we would have one if half our team didn't have "too much fun" on their pub crawl version. Here's to...
Lauren D.
Lauren D.
2017-10-19 13:52:18
Right now we're totally winning as we sweep up 99 points. I love the humans I work with and right now we literally running in the best city in New York....
Nancy S.
Nancy S.
2017-10-23 11:56:06
Did a cityHUNT scavenger hunt with a work women in finance program and it was awesome! A great team building and interactive experience that I would...
Crystal G.
Crystal G.
2017-11-03 15:03:51
So much fun and an excellent team builder. So cool learning new things about a city I thought I'd already discovered. The content is interactive and...
Andy S.
Andy S.
2017-11-09 14:19:25
This app is so much fun we used it for a work event and everyone had such a good time!
Hungdan L.
Hungdan L.
2017-11-10 10:05:54
Awesome app....had alot of fun....met lots of strangers. Love NYC. Grwat team building exercise. Will definitely do this again.
Chris C.
Chris C.
2017-11-16 13:04:18
Thanks for the fun. So much fun. Great day having an amazing time. So recommend this site
Amanda T.
Amanda T.
2017-11-17 09:28:35
We had such a great time! Great team building experience!!! Very fun and interwsting.
Jonathan N.
Jonathan N.
2017-12-14 12:37:30
We had a great time roaming around downtown Houston and completing challenges! Meeting people named bob and giving high fives to strangers. Good team building!
Lauren A.
Lauren A.
2017-09-14 15:21:09
Our team had such a great time on the city scavenger hunt! So many great things to find in the Union square area. The city hunt team gave us great...
Lo D.
Lo D.
2018-01-21 16:39:18
City hunt has been a great experience for our company at Access Partners m. It gave us a great way to build teamwork and get to know each other all while...
Bobby A.
Bobby A.
2018-02-07 15:17:48
Hide the hell out of somethin' and odds are good as gold that I'm gonna find the shit out of it. I'm more than confident that I was a boarder patrol German...
Shauny D.
Shauny D.
2018-02-16 09:32:32
We really love this team building. It was a great opportunity to be able to work together with team members that we usually dont get a chance to work with....
Jennifer B.
Jennifer B.
2018-02-17 09:44:56
Fabulous team-building adventure! Will definitely do this again! They were super easy to work with!
Rick M.
Rick M.
2018-02-17 09:15:05
Such a fun way to experience the city and have a great time with friends creating unforgettable experiences.
Eman Z.
Eman Z.
2018-02-17 09:14:22
We love you. This is super fun. This is like the greatest hunt like ever. Please let us win. (Or else)

American Museum of Natural History

Explore one of the largest museums in the world and learn about human cultures, the natural world, and the universe by solving clues and completing challenges relative to what you are experiencing.

“Having a blast in NYC with this scavenger hunt-feeling like I’m 21 again!!”


The busy streets of China town are bursting with culture! While you’re there, be sure to check out Chatham Square, home of the statue of Lin Zexu, a Qing Dynasty official, who knows, it could be a great photo-op!

Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met)

Bring your group or corporate team to the Met and experience all of the fun and excitement you can have in the world’s largest art museum.

Museum of Modern Art

Let your creativity shine at the Museum of Modern Art, also known as the MoMA. The modern and contemporary art at the MoMA will enhance your already epic team building experience.

“Great time for the whole team! It was our holiday party team-building activity, and we had a great time exploring financial district.”

Park Slope

Nestled in the heart of Brooklyn, Park Slope is one of New York’s most desirable neighborhoods. The pedestrian-friendly streets make Park Slope an awesome location for an outstanding team building event!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not

Check out the most unbelievable attraction in NYC! You and your team can explore the most incredible and bizarre displays that will leave you wondering if it could possibly be real! This scavenger hunt is the perfect team building event for your group!


Take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city  to the more quiet and laid-back streets of TriBeCa. Hudson River Park offers a beautiful view of the the skyline across the river that can be used as a great backdrop for one of your video challenges!

“Always wanted to do one of these in the city! Was a great experience as a company event and certainly learned about New York in a creative way. I would definitely do this again!”


This trendy neighborhood in Brooklyn is full of chic lounges, boutiques, and restaurants. The street art in Williamsburg can surely be an attractive addition to some of the photos and videos you take during the most awesome scavenger hunt ever!

See for yourself why your next team building adventure needs to be with cityHUNT in NYC!

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