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New York City Scavenger Hunt

New York City is one of our favorite scavenger hunting grounds; Maybe we are partial because we were founded in NYC…but still, it’s one rockin’ city! Come experience all the Big Apple has to offer!

How a NYC Scavenger Hunt Adventure Works: 

Whether you are based in NYC or just visiting, we will help you experience the city in a whole new way.

Come experience the ambiance of New York City with us:

  • Discover hidden crevices in the greenest area of New York City, Central Park
  • See the beautiful zodiac on the ceiling of Grand Central Terminal
  • Explore the unique business hubs of finance, art, fashion and  esearch, all within the same confines
  • Hunt your way through “The Crossroads of the World” with 300,000 daily visitors
  • Enjoy the view from the ariel greenway called the High Line located in Chelsea

 What makes NYC an Exceptional Hunting Ground?

  • The diversity of the people you get to interact with
  • It’s a city that never sleeps, so there is always going to be an opportunity to hunt
  • The sights and sounds of the city, from amazing skyscrapers, to the lights of time square; NYC is visually stunning

Our Experience in the city:

We have been exploring New York City through scavenger hunts for 14 years, and we still have yet to uncover all the mysteries this grand city holds

scavenger hunt new york

A few Awesome Clients who are now in the cityHUNTers club!

  • American Express
  • AXA Equitable
  • BNY Mellon Assest Management
  • Exxon
  • Victoria’s Secret

Fun Facts about NYC:

  • Did you know that it is located on one of the worlds largest natural harbors?
  • Staten Island is home to an infirmary build in the 1900’s that was referred to as a “castle” because that is what the architecture looked like
  • Less than 50% of the population of NYC is Caucasian, making it one heck of a melting pot of cultures
Contact CityHUNT today to set up your scavenger hunt NYC!
If you do not see the neighborhood you are looking for don’t fear! We can create it, just let us know you want an alternative location.