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National Mall

National Mall From the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument, follow clues left by the great leaders of the past for the great leaders of your company today. Bond with your team, have fun and experience D.C in a whole new way.   cityHUNT will customize a 3 Hour National Mall adventure, followed by a [...]

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Wall Street Journal

We made the Journal cityHUNT is mentioned in the Wall Street Journal article  "Games, Outings Keep Workers Connected" by SIMONA COVEL. In this article  gamification in regards to team building is discussed.  Innovative solutions are key.  Three companies that offer innovative team building solutions are compared.  Check out the full article  here!

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NY Post

THE BOND TRADE CORPORATE TEAM-BUILDING EVENTS ARE GROWING IN NUMBER - AND IN VARIETY By DIANE MEHTA ON most afternoons, Corey McCarthy and Antonette Maysonet are hard at work in the offices of Optimedia, a SoHo media agency. Today, though, they’re stalking a Greenwich Village sidewalk with a different agenda - cornering a passerby who [...]

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Successful Meetings Magazine

January 9th, 2008 By Corrie Dosh “Teambuilding event” can be an agenda item that sends shivers down the spines of meeting attendees, who may envision building towers out of office chairs, trust falls, or other often pointless efforts to bond. So in October, when a member company of insurance giant AIG brought a group of [...]

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BizBash {PDF}

cityHUNT creates special scavenger hunts that send people on adventures around town. The company specializes themes, often around neighborhoods

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metro NY

Hunting and gathering for urban workers. INSTITUTIONALIZED corporate bonding is big business these days. Managers and executives are paying thousands of dollars to outside consultants and corporate retreats to get their staff to read more

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