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Scavenger Hunt Washington DC

So you’ve tried to convince your boss, your co-workers, your teammates, and even some relatives to host a scavenger hunt…but can’t seem to reel them in?

cityHUNT doesn’t want you to miss out on the awesomeness! Public Hunts  are open events that will have you buzzing around your city, competing alongside other adventure seekers for the ultimate prize!

Public hunts are currently offered in:

New York City – Los Angeles – Philadelphia – Chicago


What to expect on a cityHUNT Public Hunt

How it Works:

  • The adventure will last about 2 1/2 hours, (unless its a pub craw adventure, than it is close to 4 hours)
  • Everyone will meet at a chosen destination, usually a bar or restaurant at a specified time.
  • There will be an orientation and registration while people can get drinks and introduce themselves
    cityHunt - Beginning of the Hunt


  • You can come with a team or we will put you into teams of 4-6 people, each team with a captain
  • Once teams are decided, each team will receive an envelope with rules, challenges, and clues to solve
  • We will provide you a digital camera
  • At anytime during the hunt you may be directed to visit a staff member for a specific challenge to complete

Be Prepared to:

  • Share an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE with your friends and family
  • Discover amazing new places, and fall in love with your city in a way you have never before
  • Laugh harder than you have in a long time
  • Meet AWESOME people like yourself
  • Solve riddles, find clues, earn points, and outsmart other teams to become the cityHUNT ultimate champion.
  • Take tons of pictures that you willhave forever

What to Wear:

  • Be comfortable, wear supportive shoes. You will be covering some ground
  • Team costumes/uniforms are highly recommended and are worth up to 30 bonus points based on creativity, ludicrousness and general radicalness

What to Bring:

  • A smart phone is recommended for the hunt
  • An extra digital camera incase you want to capture more photos
  • Awesome attitude
  • Friends

What to Be:

  • Prepared for anything! 


 For more information or to join a public hunt contact Samantha at