RESCUE BEAR Team Builder

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Teambuilding Washington DC

In this team building activity, your team will work together through a series of team-focused games and exercises. As a reward for completing activities, teams earn points that can be redeemed for different pieces of clothing and accessories for their RESCUE BEAR.

At the end of the event, the teams will have created a number of special and heartwarming teddy bears to donate to police stations and firehouses, which will then be given to children caught in traumatic situations.

In addition to making a contribution to this worthy cause, participants will simultaneously be contributing their strengths and talents to their teams; providing the ultimate team building experience with an added bonus: a rewarding and charitable outcome.

RESCUE BEAR Team Builder Event:


Your meeting room is our playground. cityHUNT will design a custom series of challenges and games that each team must complete to receive the points they need to build their RESCUE BEAR.


Challenges will be facilitated by official cityHUNT adventure guides. These challenges give each team immediate feedback that maintains the focus of the participants and keeps everyone proactively involved in the adventure. Each challenge will test the team’s ability to work together and will be custom designed based on your group’s goals and objectives.

Example Challenge:


“Using ALL of the materials in front of you (including those that may not seem quite fit for it) your team must build a bridge that can hold a one pound weight for a full 15 seconds or longer. When your bridge is engineered, inform your cityHUNT guide who will keep the official time for you.

Teambuilding NYCWhen your guide confirms that you have completed the challenge successfully, he or she will give your team a clue and instruct you to unearth your next challenge, which is currently held inside a locked chest. This locked chest can be unlocked by answering a series of mind bending riddles.”

When smart and competitive people come together, a great deal of energy eagerly awaits harnessing. During cityHUNT’s RESCUE BEAR Team Builder, your bright and go-getting team members will engage with not just each other, but also with a charitable cause that will greatly benefit from your efforts. Because all the participants will have contributed to aiding the same cause, each participant will walk away with a newly strengthened connection to their immediate team members, to the group at large, and thus, to the company as a whole.

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