MOBILE Terms & Conditions

Date and Scope of Services.  City Hunt shall provide the experience on the date  and time as outlined on the invoice.    The experience shall contain all the features per the package selected from the cityHUNT proposal.

Total Fee.  In consideration for City Hunt’s services in connection with these terms, Client shall pay City Hunt the amount outlined on the invoice based on the number of teams or participants.   Client shall notify City Hunt of the final number of participants no later than 48 hours prior to the start of the Hunt.The total fee for this Hunt, (as outlined on the invoice) or the final number of participants, whichever is greater, is due regardless of the number of participants who attend the Hunt. Final payment shall be made in full at the conclusion of the Hunt upon presentation of a final invoice. Invoices unpaid after thirty (30) days shall incur a 1.5% per month interest rate charge until such balance is paid.

Changes or Cancellations. In the event Client desires a change to the starting time of the Hunt, Client must notify City Hunt no later than one (1) week prior to the Hunt Date. In the event Client desires a change to the Hunt Date or cancel the Hunt altogether, Client shall notify City Hunt no later two (2) weeks prior to the Hunt Date. In the case of a date postponement or Hunt cancellation in compliance with the above time frame, Client shall be able to use the credit payed toward a future event within 365 days, any fees paid are non-refundable. Should City Hunt cancel the event for any reason except those contained in Section four below, City Hunt shall refund Client’s Deposit.

  1.  Delays or Postponements.  If the starting time of the Hunt is delayed as a result of circumstances beyond City Hunt’s control (i.e. hazardous weather, dangerous road conditions, mechanical problems, etc.) City Hunt will use its best efforts to fulfill this Agreement by adjusting the time of this Hunt to a mutually satisfactory one. The Hunt, however, shall take place rain or shine.  Any decision by Client to cancel event due to weather (unless cancelled within the timeframe set forth in Section 3 above) shall subject Client to cancellation fees detailed in Section 3 above.

 Hunt Behavior.  City Hunt shall not be liable for any damage, loss or injury to any person or property (including Client and its participants) arising out of or resulting from any act or omission of City Hunt except such as may result from City Hunt’s gross negligence or willful misconduct.  City Hunt reserves the right to remove any participant from the Hunt if, in City Hunt’s sole judgment, a participant poses a threat to the safety of others or is likely to damage either City Hunt’s or other’s personal or real property.  In the unlikely event a participant is removed from the Hunt, Client shall not be entitled to a refund for the removed-participant.

Releases  Client hereby agrees that City Hunt may take pictures and video of the Hunt and may use such pictures or videos, along with Client’s name, for promotional and other business purposes, including but not limited to social media platforms.