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Quick! Find something old, something borrowed, or something blue!

cityHUNT takes the classic wedding reception to the next level by adding a unique, fun and exciting game for guests of all ages. During the reception, your guests will have the opportunity to work together in teams competing against each other to capture a variety of hilarious, fun and interactive photos/videos that are stored directly on their phones!
The Wedding Scavenger Hunts are a fun-filled add-on to all the wonderful things you already have planned! All of your guests will be taking photos, so why not give them the opportunity to get creative and mingle away!? You’ll choose from the two scavenger hunt options and we’ll help you make your reception one to remember!

Wedding Scavenger Hunt

Types of Wedding Scavenger Hunts

Of course, we do! We aren’t that one trick pony like the one that drove the carriage in! At cityHUNT, our Wedding Scavenger Hunt can be either a Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt or a Wedding Scavenger Hunt for Kids! Or we’ll give you the third option of having both scavenger hunts in one reception!

Wedding Scavenger Hunt

The Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt

This wedding scavenger hunt will have all of your guests working together in order to solve all of the clues! Haven’t you always wondered what Aunt Gertrude carries in that suitcase of a bag!? Well now is your chance to find out! If you’re looking for that special something to break the ice and get all your guests mingling together then the Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt is for you! We’ll help you loosen up those dinner guests and have everyone talking for years to come! We’ll incorporate clues and trivia questions that come from those closest to you. So if you want to end the night with any dignity we suggest enlisting only those with limited information otherwise, we can’t say we didn’t warn you! Don’t worry too much we’ll keep it family friendly! At the end of the night, everyone will be one big happy family!

Wedding Scavenger Hunt

The Wedding Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Being a kid at a wedding always meant two things 1. Sitting at the kid’s table having to watch your little cousin jam his toy cars in his potatoes all night and 2. Wearing possibly the most uncomfortable clothes for what felt like an eternity! Let’s face it, as a kid the best part of the night was dessert and the best person was the one who brought the glowsticks! It’s time to change the wedding game for kids and give them a cityHUNT Wedding Scavenger Hunt kid style! This wedding scavenger hunt will have them out of their seats, working together, and solving clues all on their own! So let them untuck their clothes, stumble across the dance floor in their own way, and most importantly let them eat cake! Who knows maybe you’ll be the cool family member by the time the night is over!

What will you need??

Well, let’s start with the obvious necessities which includes the wedding party and the wedding reception. Your guests will need to bring either an iPhone or Android phone where they can download the app in order to play. And don’t worry only one guest per team will need a smartphone so your Uncle Lou can stop trying to download the app on his flip phone…Otherwise, everything brought in with the guests and available at the reception is fair play in the world of scavenger hunting! Let’s hope for your sake Aunt Marge does indeed have everything and the kitchen sink in her bag!
Wedding Scavenger Hunt

What’s actually included in your invitation?

Well, it won’t be a Save the Date with cute engagement photos, but we will include a cityHUNT Event Producer to assist in customizing your adventure, the development of a personalized password protected game in our cityHUNT app, access to all your pictures and video through your own in-game dashboard, and an amazing array of wedding photos, to make your special day even more memorable! Before the big day, your cityHUNT event producer will set up an online form where your guests can tell us fun stories and interesting facts about you.

Where do we say, “I do.”!?

We’re glad you asked! Our wedding scavenger hunts can take place anywhere! Provided your venue isn’t completely against everything fun in this world…So don’t worry because whether you live in Akron, Ohio, fast-paced Manhattan, or Austin, Texas we’ll make your wedding scavenger hunt happen! We’ve got you covered from coast to coast!

Wedding Scavenger Hunt

Don’t forget your alterations!

It’s your special day so let’s make it one to remember! Our event producers will work with you to customize a set of clues and picture/video tasks based on feedback from you and your guests, your personal story and wedding theme. So your wedding scavenger hunt will make you the center of attention! And don’t worry if you choose the wedding scavenger hunt for kids we’ll keep the embarrassing stories to a minimum and the fun tasks to a max!

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If the wedding scavenger hunt has the church bells ringing in your ears, then we suggest bringing it down the aisle! Let cityHUNT make your night even more memorable. We promise we’ll leave the white doves and butterflies at home!

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