Virtual CLUE Murder Mystery Game Show

Virtual CLUE Murder Mystery Game Show

During this hour-long immersive experience the participants will compete in a series of virtual challenges that will test their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Each round will reveal a new
clue that will lead them to answer the Ultimate Question of Who Commited the Crime?

Prior to your event we will match you with your private game designer who will work with you to assign the suspects to play throughout the game. Participants are encouraged to dress the part and introduce themselves in their role. We can even feature their photos in the pre-event packet! (this is optional and not everyone needs a part to play)

Virtual Mystery Scavenger Hunt
  • At the start of the event the participants can all join the game room via Zoom
  • Once in the room, they will be greeted by an cityHUNT Private Investigator who will brief the group on the crime that has been committed and explain their objective and the rules of engagement.
  • The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible by submitting answers via the cityHUNT Mobile App (or web portal, if your group prefers simple tech). Each Round will reveal a new clue to assist the group in solving the crime.

Round One is General Trivia where we will warm up the group and get them comfortable using our technology. The goal of this round is to figure out the “Where?”

Round Two is the Picture Round, participants will compete in a series of picture challenges to figure out the “Who?”

Round Three is the Scavenger Hunt Round, during this round we will get the participants up and moving, they will have a set amount of time to explore their dwelling, solve clues and take the photos to prove it.

Round Four is the Mystery Round Finale. During this round we ask a series of questions with a hint embedded into each answer, once the participants answer all the questions they will hunt for the theme that ties it all together so they can solve the final question of “How?”

Once all rounds have been completed, cityHUNT’s Private Investigator will implore the group to figure out which character committed the crime using all of the clues found throughout the game. At the conclusion of the game all points will be tallied and a winner will be announced.

What Virtual Party Goers Have to Say

“Made us forget we were apart for a little while”
-Jackson B.
“ Awesome game! Fun and family friendly :)”
“CityHUNT is a great opportunity for your team to have fun, spend time together, end enjoy good company of peers. It’s definitely a morale boost for participants. Thanks for the fun! It’s and organization must!!