Scavenger Hunt Fundraiser

At cityHUNT, we strive to make the world a better place by helping non-profits raise the capital and awareness needed to fulfill their missions. In today’s society, there are many different options for non-profits to raise funds. cityHUNT’s FUNdraisers are our unique solution to help both you and the charity of your choice reach their goals in a fun, new and exciting way!

Team Building Games

How It Works

cityHUNT FUNdraisers are a great way to get have your company or corporation become involved with helping local causes! We’re not talking about the usual fundraiser donation either! How many times can we pledge donations to be taken from our checks or getting that receipt turned in showing your donation?? The answer to that is not many! And with cityHUNT’s FUNdraisers you can forget about the same old same old and be prepared for an entirely new way to fundraise! If you have a passionate group of supporters who are eager to get involved and raise awareness for your cause then we are here to help! We don’t run black-tie galas, auctions, or pledge drives. Instead, we build and host fully customized scavenger hunt adventures. cityHUNT FUNdraisers get participants to “HUNT for your CAUSE”. We’ll develop a scavenger hunt in the city of your choice for the donation of your choice! Your group will come together to participate in a series of fun team building challenges that will ultimately lead to putting together items that will be donated to a charity of your choice. Each individual team will work together to complete these games and challenges that will be focused on your specific goals and skill set. As the teams complete each challenge round, they will be rewarded with the necessary parts or items needed for their chosen charity’s project. Once each challenge is complete, the items will be ready to be donated! Our cityHUNT FUNdraisers can be as hands-on as you want, from building Lego cars, wheelchairs, rescue bears, disaster relief kits, army care packages or you can hunt for the cause! Whichever way you choose just know that you are helping your company, employees, and customers give back to the community!
"I have had several teams call me to tell me how much fun the City Hunt experience was for them. All hesitant to know what the experience was, some older some doing it with young families, EVERYONE said they laughed and had a blast! Thank you for working on this experience giving our teams and in this case some of our top fundraisers the opportunity to engage with us in a new and different way."
Katie Goepfrich Schafer
American Cancer Society

Where can we FUNdraise?

At cityHUNT, we offer FUNdraisers where there is a community in need! Every town has at least one cause or community that deserves some extra help! We can help you plan your cityHUNT FUNdraiser to take place either indoors or in the great outdoors. Every FUNdraiser is different from the next and can be done in the form of our traditional scavenger hunt or they can be entirely hands-on! So from the Lone Star city of Austin to the melting pot of Miami and every city in between, cityHUNT will have you covered from coast-to-coast and all year long! cityHUNT is here to put the FUN back in fundraise for every city across the continental United States!

What’s included in my FUNdraiser?

For starters, of course, we include FUN and with that comes an overwhelming sense giving and accomplishment! However, just like our other scavenger hunts, we’ll include a cityHUNT Event Producer to assist in customizing your adventure, the development of a personalized password protected game in our cityHUNT app, access to all your pictures and video through your own in-game dashboard, and memories that will last a lifetime!

What do you need to bring?

This time you won’t need to drag your kids door to door with those popcorn order forms or have Aunt Sue buy those ten cans of peanut brittle… Instead, we ask that each team brings one team member with either an iPhone or an Android phone so you can download the app, compete in the game, and win it all for the charity of your choice!

FUNdraiser Reviews

So you’re still unsure about participating in one of our FUNdraisers? Many people take pride in either working for or purchasing from a company that gives back to their community. But just in case, we’ve included some reviews for you to see below from some of our past participants!