Mobile Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the excitement, entertainment and customizations that cityHUNT events offer… all from the palm of your hand!

Take your hunt to the next level by using your iPhone or Android to solve your picture safari clues! We will send you a custom game code on the cityHUNT® Mobile Platform.

From epic picture and video challenges to tricky trivia and geolocation clues, our app offers a one-of-a-kind experience. And you’ll be able to do cityHUNTs anytime, anywhere! Here are some of the amazing image03features:



Spy Mode
With cityHUNT Spy Mode teams can actually track each other via mapping,
videos/photos submissions, in real time, right in the app.

Think the other teams are catching up to you?  No problem, keep tabs on
them with a real time leaderboard!

Real Time Comments
Want to let the other teams know what’s on your mind?   No worries, just
comment on their media in real time.

Live Stream
Want to see the videos and pictures right away on your computer or mobile device? We got you covered with your own picture gallery and leaderboard on your own page in real time.

Check out this video for examples of our amazing team adventures!

Ready to have the time of your lives? Click here to build your very own cityHUNT Adventure!