Facilitated Workshops

At cityHUNT, we can use the unique experience of your hunt to build and develop specific skills that will increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness, in and out of the office.

Prior to the start of the Facilitated Workshop, your team’s participants will take a personality test. Unlike school exams, there’s no need to pull an all-nighter for studying as this test isn’t actually graded…finally! Instead, the results of this test will help cityHUNT identify the areas of growth within your team and its individuals. Once cityHUNT has all of your team’s information your Event Producer will work with you to develop a hunt that addresses those common factors that the team lacks.

Just like our other scavenger hunts, our facilitated workshops occur in a similar way. The participants will search for clues, take pictures and complete challenges that are designed to inspire teamwork, communication, time management, delegation, and creativity… all while having FUN!

Once all of the teams have completed the scavenger hunt we will create a slideshow that features the pictures from the day’s scavenger hunt adventure! Just like looking at the pictures in your family photo album, this slideshow will bring back memories that have the same effect, except, this time we won’t be looking

at our questionable outfits and those lovely home-cut hairstyles! The purpose of having all participants view the slideshow is to give the teams the opportunity to reconnect and review their experience with their teammates, as well as give them the chance to share their own individual discoveries.

After the teams finish reviewing their individual presentations, we will then discuss how to take these crucial skills back to the office. Using the information gathered in the pre-event exam, we will then help your team to focus on the skills that their group needs to work on. Using the solutions that have been developed during the day’s adventure, combined with the images that the teams have captured; the participants themselves will then be able to provide us with the illustrations of how to increase productivity and teamwork in the office.

Where are the facilitated workshops held?

Are you tired of the typical workshop ordeal? You know the one where you’re shuffled between airports and convention centers? Well with cityHunt you don’t have to worry! At cityHUNT we have you covered from coast to coast! We make sure our facilitated workshops are available to everyone in every state! So whether you’re singing the blues from Nashville or the Full House theme song from San Francisco we’ll make the workshop work for you!

What’s included in my facilitated workshop?

Just like our other scavenger hunt events, our facilitated workshops come with all of the same perks. We’ll take the work out of workshop because we will provide you with a cityHUNT Event Producer to assist you in organizing the workshop, the development of a personalized password protected game in our cityHUNT app, access to all your pictures and video through your own in-game dashboard, and memories that will last a lifetime!

What do I need to bring?

Unlike the typical workshops you’ve attended in the past, a cityHUNT Facilitated Workshop means you can leave the notebooks and box of golf pencils at home! We will provide you with everything you need in order to have a successful and beneficial event. All we ask is that one member of each team brings either an Android or an iPhone so they can download the app, compete in the game, and strengthen their team!

Facilitated Workshop Reviews

Still not convinced a FUN workshop is for you? Well, we can’t convince you to toss those notebooks and slideshows out the door but take it from our previous cityHUNT Facilitated Workshop customers that we aren’t a bore! If you’re still not sold we’ve made sure to include some of our customer’s reviews!

“The groups seemed to really get invested and enjoy themselves”
White & Case LLP
“It was great - did a solid job of getting people to work together.”
Myrtle Consulting Group
“Everyone was engaged and the challenges were very good.”
HEC Montreal
This year, take the work out of workshop and schedule a cityHUNT facilitated workshop! Let cityHUNT transform an ordinary holiday get-together into a unique, awesome, and unexpected holiday scavenger hunt adventure full of holiday hootenannies! If you want to have a holiday party that everyone is sure to love, make it a cityHUNT Holiday Scavenger Hunt!