Culinary Team Building

 Why not try CityHUNT’s dessert building throwdown for a fun and exciting team building activity? cityHUNT and Cooking by the Book, two of America’s premier team building authorities, have partnered up to offer a truly spectacular event. We combine the adventure of a fully customized Scavenger Hunt with New York’s finest culinary hands-on experience. You won’t find a more fun, unique and delicious way to bring your team closer than ever before.

Your meeting room becomes your architectural canvas! cityHUNT will design a custom series of team building Challenges and Games that each team must complete to receive the points which will be exchanged for supplies to build and win the Dessert Throwdown. Challenges will be facilitated by official cityHUNT adventure guides. These challenges give each team immediate feedback that maintains the focus and drive of the participants and keeps everyone proactively involved in the Adventure. Each challenge will test the team’s ability to work together and will be custom designed based on your group. Here are a couple examples of the types of challenges:

Team building activities

Here are a couple examples of the types of challenges:

Marshmallow Challenge

This is a great way to warm up your architectural thinking muscle and get your team thinking outside the box. The Marshmallow Challenge creates profound lessons in collaboration, innovation, and creativity. Each team is given limited resources (including a marshmallow, string, and pasta), the goal is to build the tallest structure by following the building parameters and staying within the time limit.

Puzzle Challenge

This activity simulates the real world where certain team members have certain strengths/weaknesses and must rely on one another to complete the task. Each team will receive a box of puzzle pieces and the goal is to complete the puzzle as quickly as possible. But there is a twist, half the team will be blind folded and the other half are not allowed to touch the puzzle pieces. Did we mention that some other teams might have pieces from your puzzle and vice versa?

These Challenges will test the team work of each individual team and the group as a whole. When does it make sense to ask for help? Which team will be the first one to break rank and partner with another team? These are compelling and important questions that will be addressed in the post game discussion. When smart and competitive people come together, a great deal of energy eagerly awaits harnessing. During this Team Builder, your bright and go-getting team members will engage with one another in lasting and impactful ways.

At the conclusion of each challenge, you can have a quick facilitated conversation about what the team learned and how they can use it become more successful. After the initial challenges, each team can use its points to redeem dessert-based “building supplies” for the piece de resistance: a creative construction that’s entirely edible! The building contest will be based on a motif that we discuss beforehand based on your event goals. Skate parks, hospitals and swimming pools have all been part of the contest…what will your yummy construction be?

At the conclusion of the Dessert Building Throwdown, the final designs will be scored by the other teams and final points will be tallied to determine the winner of the event. Fantastic prizes await, and no one will go home hungry!

Where we offer Dessert Throwdowns

We offer our one of a kind Dessert Throwdown in cities across the US, from coast to coast. From San Diego to Philadelphia, Atlanta to Houston…. We will create an unforgettable throwdown for you and your coworkers!
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With more than 15 years of experience, cityHUNT knows how fun-packed adventures can create powerful teams… and the delicious candy also helps! There is no doubt the office will be buzzing the next day with scrumptious stories and lots of laughter about their Dessert Building experience.

What our customers think of the Dessert Throwdown

“This event was great! Everyone on the team enjoyed it and we had a lot of fun with the clues provided!”

“Everyone was just working together and having a great time - I have never seen that before!”

“We had a complete blast! We chose our team's from random right before the event, so team bonding was at an all-time high! Getting to work with the people you're with every day in a fun, and out-of-office way was such an amazing experience!”

“This team building event was like no other. It gave us a chance to bond in a fun and interactive way!”