Convention Team Building

Looking to throw a memorable and unique convention?  Do you want to engage the people at your convention to interact and network with each other while having fun doing it? Then look no further than cityHUNT’s repertoire of team building games, completely customized to the theme and needs of your convention!  Let us turn your run of the mill convention into something fun and exciting that everyone will enjoy.

If you are stuck going to the same conventions and conferences year after year, with the same mundane meetings and painful speeches, why not change it up this year and throw in a scavenger hunt for your group?  It will certainly make it a memorable one and will also help get your business noticed to boot! Your attendees will leave the weekend refreshed and excited to work together in the future with a whole new opinion of the word “convention”. It will set the bar high and they will be looking forward to future company events.

Convention Team Building
Team building activities

What exactly are convention team building games?

Our highly skilled game producers will create a custom scavenger hunt for your group with some information we get from you in advance.  We will create customized games and activities to ensure that your attendees are connected and plugged in through the event. This might entail taking your photo at certain locations within the city of your convention, or teaming up with your co-workers to perform certain tasks and missions within the convention. These games will encourage your attendees to explore the city and work together to problem solve. Take your company convention to a whole new level.  Let the fun begin!

Here’s what our convention team building games can do for you:

  • Inspire and energize convention audiences
  • Drive participation and networking through specially designed challenges that  can only be solved by meeting each other
  • Identify and reward the greatest contributors to your conference
  • Encourage team members to build deeper relationships
  • Improve confidence of employees
  • Encourage out of the box thinking
  • Build team and company culture using the principles of positive psychology

Our convention team building experiences can also provide your participants or employees with tools and strategies they can use to improve their workplace relationships and productivity. These tools are not taught in any conventional, boring way though: participants will have fun learning while competing in photo challenges, solving clues and exploring their surroundings.  All cityHUNTs are customized to the needs and requirements of our clients. The opportunities are endless, we can cater to almost any request to make it as personalized as possible. Your team building adventure will be as unique as you are!

Where do we offer these?

We offer our options to convention centers all around the country. Perhaps your company is heading to the Life Insurance convention in New Orleans?  Well, we can set up an action packed, team building scavenger hunt for your group right on Bourbon Street, if you desire, that will last through the entire weekend.  By the end, your team will know more about each other and the city than ever before.

Headed to the big apple with your faculty for the Teacher’s convention? Our New York City scavenger hunt would be the perfect addition to the convention weekend to bring your teachers closer in the most fun way possible!

Is your company going to the windy city for this year’s Plastic Surgery conference?  A convention game would be the perfect way to throw in some fun filled memories for your staff instead of a weekend full of boring meetings. We have many more locations, just ask us!

Scavenger Hunt

See what our past customers have to say

All of the participants loved it and the ability to see the city in a new way. New friendships were created and sustained over the course of the week and it was so great to see them learning how to communicate in new ways, learning new things about each other and having fun!”

“Every participant had a great time, the challenges and trivia created a very fun atmosphere. I believe we definitely bonded and learned more about each other in the process."

“Our whole staff stated how much fun they had! I would say by the amount of thank you's I received that our cityHunt was a huge success!”

“I think everyone had a fantastic time, even the skeptics”

“We had a great time as a team. I had fun running around the city and learning new things, getting to be silly and bonding with my teammates.”