Conference Team Building

Our conference team building games are created to inspire and energize your audiences through shared fun. All cityHUNTs are customized to the needs and requirements of your conference, so your team building adventure will be as unique as you are!


We offer conference team building activities in Chicago, Los Angeles.We have many more locations, just ask us! No matter where you are, we can make a customized, location-specific, adventure-filled game for you.


At cityHUNT, our philosophy is to bring connection and interactivity to every event. Through our personalized team building games, conference goers will leave with more connections, a better understanding of speaker lessons, and they will already be looking forward to returning the following year.

Build a stronger team, company, and conference culture using the principles of positive psychology.

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The Benefits

We pair our mobile technology with more than 15 years of expertise in team building to create a personalized game, or series of games at your conference. Here our Game-Changer’s key benefits:
  • Networking is made easier – the games help participants find others with common interests
  • Key insights from the conference are made clearer through the interactive games
  • Speaker content is reinforced by posing real-time trivia questions worth points
  • Gather feedback and reflection videos on your events and workshops
  • Encourage and increase social sharing through our built-in “share” features
  • Add fun and interaction to every part of your schedule through our picture and augmented reality challenge
Optionally, our conference team building experiences can focus on tools and strategies your participants can use to improve their workplace relationships and productivity. These tools are taught in our own unique and interactive way: participants will have fun learning while competing in photo challenges, solving clues and exploring their surroundings. So, forget those awkward “networking” breaks at your upcoming conference filled with tired ice-breakers and bring in a new level of connection, meaning, and lasting impact with a customized cityHUNT Conference Game.

The cityHUNT App

In order to make your conference cityHUNT adventure a success, your conference participants will need to be logged onto our user-friendly app that is powered by research.


The app’s features are as follows:



Clues & Challenges

With customized clues and challenges, your conference will be all engagement, all the time. Choose from 6 different types of clues including picture, video, augmented reality, and trivia. All clues are not only tons of fun to complete, they focus on the goals and takeaways of your conference, are worth points that will keep participants engaged in the game, and promote more organic networking.


Spy Mode

With the cityHUNT Spy Mode you can see the videos and photos other participants are taking at your conference, in real time, right in the app.



Who are your most active participants?  Showcase, connect with and reward them through our mobile technology.


In Game – Dashboard

Ready to see all the pictures, videos & leaderboard in one place?  We’ve got you covered! Just go to your password-protected Dashboard and dazzle your group on the big screen.