Conference Team Building

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CC14_140410_377Are you looking to plan a conference full of elements to excite participants while reinforcing your important message? Let cityHUNT give you a hand! Our team building and engagement tools are always customized to the topic and speakers of your conference!


We currently offer our options to conferences all over the country. Some popular locations include New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Baltimore. We have many more locations, just ask us!


Here’s what our conference team building games will do for you:

  • Inspire and energize your audiences through shared fun
  • Increase participation in conference topics while also making key takeaways more memorable
  • Forge a more personal connection between conference speakers, their backgrounds and their topics for better discussions
  • Encourage conference participants to build deeper relationships with their teammates
  • Make networking easier by revealing shared interests
  • Build team, company, and conference culture using the principles of positive psychology
Marshmallow PicOptionally, our conference team building experiences can focus on tools and strategies your participants can use to improve their workplace relationships and productivity. These tools are taught in our own unique way: participants will have fun learning while competing in photo challenges, solving clues and exploring their surroundings.  All cityHUNTs are customized to the needs and requirements of your conference, so your team building adventure will be as unique as you are!


Want to learn more about what we do? Reach out to us, we would love to hear from you!

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