Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunts

Look no further, the answer to your perfect bachelor party is with cityHUNT. We know our way around a good time!


One of the best man’s most important duties is to plan an epic bachelor party, also known as “stag party”, to celebrate the groom’s final night of freedom before married life. Typically for men, fun bachelor party ideas for this night is nothing but an excuse to get drunk and hire a couple of dancers. Don’t worry though—you can also have a ton fun without both of these!


Now, this may not seem like something normal for you to do during a bachelor party, but trust us, it is going to be an amazing time, and will provide a much needed break from all that boozing!

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A CityHUNT Bachelor Scavenger Hunt is the answer to all your groomsman challenges. A customized and affordable two to three hour scavenger hunt is perfectly personalized and so much fun that you may just forget how much money the groom is making you dish out for that tux. Plus, the memories and photos will make you laugh and smile for years to come. The groom only gets ONE bachelor party, so let us help you make it one of a kind!

How It Our Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunts Work

Each of CityHUNT’s Bachelor Party Scavenger Hunts will have your group exploring your city’s best spots while completing in hilarious photo and video challenges. Between each pit stop, each team will solve mind-bending clues, complete an array of humorous tasks, and record it all onto CityHUNT’s mobile app.

Each team will be completing these clues and challenges for points, and the team with the most amount of points at the end of the hunt are the winners. We think they deserve a round of shots!

Whether you want a “last night out” with the guys full of drinking and being wild, or just a fun alcohol free night hanging out, or something in between, we’ve got you covered! This event fits into any style bachelor party, and is a great clean bachelor party idea that the groom will love.

Lucky enough to have bachelor party in Vegas? Our Las Vegas scavenger hunt will have you solving fun clues on the strip and will let you see parts of Vegas you’ve never seen before.

Plus, our bachelor adventure keeps your unforgettable night all in walking distance, so you won’t stray too far from your favorite bar! With just a little input from you, cityHUNT will turn your party into a creative celebration for the groom, with just the right mix of customized fun facts, gently embarrassing stories, and crazy pictures that will be yours to keep forever… (whether or not you show the bride is your call).


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