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cityHUNT can use the unique experience of your hunt to build and develop specific skills that will increase your team’s productivity and effectiveness, in and out of the office.


Participants will take a personality exam prior to the event for growth areas to be identified. Armed with this new information, together, cityHUNT and your team will construct a hunt to address those common factors that the group lacks.

Similarly to all hunts, participants will search for clues, take pictures and complete challenges that are designed to inspire teamwork, communication, time management, delegation and creativity… all while having FUN!

After all teams have completed the hunt we will produce a multimedia show featuring the pictures from the day’s adventure, giving all participants the opportunity to reconnect and experience their journey with their teammates,  as well as the chance to share their own discoveries.

Traveling through the pictures will open the doors to help  your team evaluate the types of skills that were required to succeed  during the hunt.


After finishing this highly entertaining presentation, we will then discuss how to take these crucial skills back to the office.  Using the information gathered in the pre-event exam, we will then focus on the skills that the group needs to work on. Using the readily apparent solutions that the day’s adventure has provided, as well as using the images that the teams have captured; the participants themselves provide us with the illustrations of how to increase productivity and teamwork in the office.