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wheres-wally-record-attem-004Ah, conventions…amazing people, conversations, and (sometimes) costumes! But how do you maximize engagement with the many people streaming into your event? How do you develop strong connections between con-goers, event services, and your brand? Make sure your next convention has it all with cityHUNT’s Mobile Convention Game.

For the last few years, cityHUNT has worked on its Mobile Gamification App to bring the absolute best of networking, memorable moments and  to engagement around the country.

How cityHUNT Brings Your Convention to the Next Level

CC14_140410_0176At cityHUNT, our philosophy is to bring connection and interactivity to every event. We pair our mobile technology with 15 years of expertise in team building to create a personalized game, engaging the players to leave your convention with real-life connections, enhanced understanding of your convention services and partners, and the desire to return the following year. Here are our game-changing benefits:

  • Help con-goers to break the ice and discover people with common interests
  • Inform participants of the coolest sessions and convention happenings of the day
  • Add fun and interaction to every part of your schedule through our picture and augmented reality challenges
  • Gather feedback and reflection videos on your events and workshops, which can be used to promote your brand
  • Reinforce convention content by posing real-time trivia questions worth points
  • Encourage and increase social sharing through our built-in share features
  • Reward your most active participants with cool prizes.

The cityHUNT App

Clues & Challengesimage04
With customized clues and challenges, your convention will be all engagement, all the time. Choose from 6 different types of clues including picture, video, augmented reality, and trivia. All clues are tons of fun to complete, focus on your goals as a convention, and are worth points that will keep everyone engaged in the game!

Spy Mode
With the cityHUNT Spy Mode you can see the videos and photos other participants are taking at your convention, in real time, right in the app.

Who are your most active participants?  Showcase, connect with and reward them through our mobile technology.

In Game – Dashboard
Ready to see all the pictures, videos & leaderboard in one place?  We’ve got you covered! Just go to your password-protected Dashboard and dazzle your group on the big screen.

Our app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded for free by participants. Looking for your own branding? No problem! Our app can be private-labeled for your event, simply put your specific request in our contact form.

Ready For A Game-Changing Convention ? Contact us today!