"Big city Hunt" is not "City Hunt"

(confusing right?)

Pucci is not Gucci, Koka Kola is not Coca-Cola, Mr. McDonald’s is not McDonald’s, and Big City Hunt is not cityHUNT.

Sadly, a company has been operating under a name that is confusingly similar to cityHUNT and many people are mistaking them for us! The frustratingly, similarly-named company “Big City Hunt” has caused a lot of confusion in the scavenger hunt world because they are using a name very close to cityHUNT and offering the same exact service, only not nearly as good.    Due to this company’s use of an all too similar name to cityHUNT, our potential clients are not only hiring the wrong company, but they have reported being vastly disappoint in Big City Hunt’s seemingly inferior services. Unfortunately, and understandably, these misled, upset clients are then calling us at cityHunt with their complaints and giving us bad reviews on Yelp, even though the company they hired was not even us!!  How infuriating, right?!  So, we wanted to take this opportunity to set the record straight and assure our clients that cityHUNT is not in any way connected to Big City Hunt, and the true cityHUNT is thoroughly committed to providing you with quality team building scavenger hunt services.

The company you want for your scavenger hunt is cityHUNT!

Counterfeit or “knockoff” companies are a major global industry, a trillion dollar problem and a significant threat for any brand or business.  The negative effects go very deep and can even cause businesses to shut down. There are endless examples of this in today’s business world.  The “fakes” industry is worth over $461 Billion.

We at cityHUNT pride ourselves on pioneering the team building scavenger hunt experience. We have been doing these scavenger hunts since 2001. As a result, cityHUNT was voted Team Building Company of the Year by People’s Choice Awards. Creating awesome events is what we live for here at cityHUNT. Which is what makes the impact of Big City Hunt’s confusingly similar business so distressing. Although copying is the biggest form of flattery, in this case Big City Hunt’s use of a confusingly similar name is causing too much confusion and headaches, tarnishing our reputation, and taking away from our focus, which is to provide our clients with quality, exciting, fun, customizable scavenger hunts.

So how can we fix this confusion?  Well, we took it into our own hands to spread the word so that our customers are aware and hopefully people won’t continue to mistake cityHUNT for Big City Hunt.  We hope to share this information on every corner of social media.  We are hoping the angry phone calls and emails will come to an end, and we will not receive any unwarranted bad reviews which aren’t meant for us.  We work very hard to earn our rave reviews. To have those reviews and our reputation tainted by a company with a similar name that is entirely unrelated to cityHUNT is unacceptable. Most importantly, we want our customers to hire the company they intended to hire for their scavenger hunt, not the other company with the misleadingly similar name and reportedly inferior services. Our customers are our best asset, and their happiness is our highest mission! Don’t settle for anyone but the best! 

Happy Hunting

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