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So they put you in charge of the Bachelorette Party?

And you want something for your gang of girls that’s going to be incredibly fun for everyone, have a little dash of “racy” bachelorette-humor, and that makes the bride-to-be feel like the center of the universe even before her wedding day?

Bachelorette Scavenger Hunts

cityHUNT Bachelorette Adventures are the answers to all your bridesmaid challenges. These customized and affordable three to four hour scavenger hunts are perfectly personalized and so much fun, that you won’t even mind that bridesmaid dress on her special day.

Compete with each other in three hilarious and customized rounds that will have your teams exploring your city’s best spots. We will even let the bride switch teams each round to spread the joy. Between each drinking pit stop, your teams will solve mind-bending clues, complete an array of humorous tasks and record it all onto cityHUNT’s digital cameras.

The first team to finish each round and find the next bar wins a free pitcher of beer!

cityHUNT hosts will be with you the entire time to make sure no one gets lost and that you will have plenty of time to socialize at the bars.

cityHUNT can even make sure you land at a bar suitable for dancing and maybe a trace of innocent flirting.

Plus, our Bachelorette Adventure keeps your evening all in walking distance, so you can save on the limo. With just a little input from you, cityHUNT will turn your party into a creative celebration for the Bride, with just the right mix of customized fun facts, gently embarrassing stories, and crazy pictures that will be yours to keep forever… (whether or not you show the groom is your call).

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