Rachel Lane

As a champion of important volunteer work, I strive everyday to make the world a better place. CityHUNT’s mission is to make more awesome in the world, to unite people together and create meaningful experiences. I’m so happy that I can make that happen!”

Rachel believes that fun can change the world. Years ago, a dear friend of hers took Rachel on an innocuous Los Angeles scavenger hunt for her birthday—not knowing that it would alter her life forever. This birthday hunt spurred the young actor into learning more about how hunts and events at cityHUNT operate. After being hired, Rachel rose through the ranks of cityHUNT until she was running production for not only Los Angeles, but the entire country!

As an actor, Rachel was immediately drawn to the endless creativity and possibility of scavenger hunts. She was taken aback by the sheer fun of the event, and after helping her good friend (and former cityHUNT LA operator) run events, she was smitten for good. Rachel has utilized her acting skills and ingenious production operation abilities to elevate cityHUNT into what it is today. Like everyone at cityHUNT, Rachel believes that you can make more awesome by boosting employee morale and shaking up the business format.

Now the Head of Production at cityHUNT, Rachel started out by receiving her Bachelor’s in Theater from Occidental College in Los Angeles. A LA native, Rachel’s love for the city (and the scavenger hunts within it) bloomed into her full desire to see cityHUNT go above and beyond what was possible. Occidental College helped her learn how to draw upon the cultural and intellectual bastion in which she lived, forming Rachel into an actor who cares about cities and people. Her artistic endeavors have only strengthened her creative bond, and she has helped implement all kinds of new projects, workshops, and hunts within the ever-growing cityHUNT model.

Beyond cityHUNT, Rachel has planned and executed several series of international fundraisers for JDRF, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation that actively advocates for new and improved medical research for young people. Rachel has also run fundraisers for the Pediatric Epilepsy Project, which has improved lives for many children with diverse neurological disorders by providing expert knowledge and clinical care. Rachel’s love for the youth of her city as well as the people and culture around her have made her an indispensable resource for the entire company.

Trained in acting through many different classes and formats, Rachel is always on the lookout for new ways that cityHUNT can implement its entertaining and stress relieving format for businesses and employees. She was awarded the Teddi Award for Service by Camp Good Days, another organization she has actively championed for since the early 2000s. A believer in the inherent goodness and value of people, Rachel brings her care to every new innovation at cityHUNT, and as Head of Production has helped create and formulate all sorts of games and services.

Rachel is always looking for new ways that cityHUNT can grow, change, and improve, and is proud that her role in the company has brought so much joy and fun to so many people across the country. She’s helped so many people get out of their everyday work environment and do something more—whether it’s volunteer work, workshops, or exciting scavenger hunts!