Our Mission

Scavenger Hunt

Our Story:

The idea behind cityHUNT was inspired in the fall of 2000, when Ben Hoffman found his way onto one of the teams doing a scavenger hunt birthday- pub tour at NYU. After experiencing the excitement, spontaneity  and joy a scavenger hunt brings he knew what he had to do…

A few hours later, two NYU students, Ben Hoffman and Jaymes Dec decided to start a company striving to change the lives of others through the experience of a scavenger hunt. Thus, cityHUNT was born.

From the humble beginnings of working in Jaymes’ grandmother’s apartment in Queens as a hobby while finishing up school, cityHUNT has grown into the company we know today. cityHUNT grew as it gained traction with companies who began looking for new and innovative ideas to strengthen their teams. By 2005  cityHUNT had obtained an Office on Madison Avenue,  grown from 2 employees to include adventure guides, and achieved a list of fortune 500 clients.

As cityHUNT continues to evolve,  We don’t know what the future holds. What we do know is that we will continue to strive to provide outstanding scavenger hunts and service to our clients. We also want to  add an out-of-this-world scavenger hunt (literally) to our list of offerings in the next few years!

Scavenger Hunt Los Angeles

The Challenge:

  •  Dull, monotonous work environments with less than satisfactory employee relations.
  • High stress work environments
  • Boring, ineffective team building exercises

The Solution:

Get employees out of their typical work environment and doing something active. Create an environment that is free of pressure and stress where a team can focus and have fun. Team members need to engage in activities outside of their normal work responsibilities to be able to bond, laugh and blow off steam. This allows them to create positive memories together and actually enjoy each others presence. Some activities work better than others for this..for example we happen to prefer and recommend scavenger hunts.

Our Mission:

  • Change the world one scavenger hunt at a time
  • Provide our clients with stronger, more meaningful relationships
  • Prove to employees that team building activities are worth while
  • Improve communication, functionality and quality of teams
  • Boost energy and morale levels