Ellie Hoffman

“I believe that exciting things can happen every day. As Chief Awesome Ninja at cityHUNT, I’ve seen firsthand what our scavenger hunts can do for people’s lives. Whether it’s boosting morale or simply improving communication, I’m proud to help everyone get more out of life!”

Ellie Hoffman is a big believer in following your passion. After ten years as a kick-ass stay at home mom, she was blessed with the fires of a new passion. In 2018, Ellie began the pursuit of a new career that would fit into her busy lifestyle as a caring mother and creative provider, a career that would provide flexibility and growth while still allowing her to watch over her young kids. She saw that even in all she did, there was still a possibility to do more. Putting family first, Ellie was able to make the jump to where she is now—an integral member of the cityHUNT team. 

Now the “Chief Awesome Ninja” at cityHUNT, Ellie started at the bottom of the rung and worked her way up through perseverance and ingenuity. Where she saw weaknesses, she created growth. Where she saw flaws, she made suggestions. Where she saw shortfalls, she created improvement. After three years of fun and challenge, she is now responsible for the entire sales team and heads the accounting department for one of the most rapidly growing companies providing Team Scavenger Hunts across the nation. CityHUNT is bigger and more awesome than ever, largely due to Ellie’s incredible impact.

Early in her career, Ellie accomplished her Bachelor’s of Arts at the Art Institute of Philadelphia, where she learned the many skills and crafts that made her the artistic powerhouse she is today. Using the tools she gained from her time at the Art Institute, Ellie has crafted these skills to her personal suite of awesome, where she has developed the many fantastic marketing materials that cityHUNT uses every day. From turning dull and monotonous work environments into impactful and ambitious team building games, Ellie is paramount to cityHUNT’s mission that the world can be changed one scavenger hunt at a time.

CityHUNT believes that making more awesome should be a daily achievement, and that playing outside is a necessary and important part of life. Ellie Hoffman has made it her mission to make cityHUNT’s Team Scavenger Hunts better than ever, and with her help cityHUNT has been used by all kinds of major companies across North America. They’ve helped provide meaningful partnerships and business relationships, improve communication, and boost morale. As a passionate mother turned business executive, Ellie’s perspective has been invaluable to the entire cityHUNT team.

From Team Building Cooking Classes to Museum Scavenger Hunts and workshops and more, Ellie believes in cityHUNT’s mission wholeheartedly. Leading the cityHUNT team through sales and marketing has strengthened the company and brought them all together toward the future. Now more than ever it has been important to get employees out of their stagnant environments to do something awesome. Ellie has helped forge positive memories, establish meaningful relationships in the company and beyond, and create activities that strengthen everyone’s bonds. She has been an integral member in its continued pursuit of awesome!