4 Reasons for The Gamification of Educational Field Trips

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Why the Gamification of Field Trips Work 

100_0228As a rule of thumb cityHUNT works to create any kind of event that our clients request.  We strive to anticipates the needs of our customers, to have created the general structure of many different types of events so we are prepared for the unique requests that get thrown our way. We like to think we have thought of most possibilities,however in reality we will always have something to learn about new opportunities to enhance peoples lives with scavenger hunts. We love to learn and create with our clients!

Recently we had a client request a scavenger hunt for a school field trip to the National Mall. This got us thinking how we wished we had a scavenger hunts for an educational field trip when we were in school!

Creates a More Interactive Experience

Through gamifiying the locations/information you want the children to take away from the field trip you are providing them with an opportunity to enga

ge with the material. This additional engagement can lead to better retention, because they will be able to associate it with an action or memory.


Healthy Competition Enhances the Experience 

The gamficiation of a field trip creates a competitive level that normal field trips do not encompass. The will to win the scavenger hunt will appeal to the students and they will want to (even maybe look forward to) move through the different educational location and materials of the field trip.

Gives the opportunity to engage with and explore the environment

During a scavenger hunt the children participating are going to be asked to interact with their surrounding through exploration and social interactions with others.  This gives them an opportunity to see things they might not normally experience on a field trip to the area.

Scavenger Hunts Make Field Trips More Fun!

We don’t want to forget an important point, scavenger hunts make learning fun!

We encourage all educational institutes to consider the gamfication of their field trips school outings. It offers the possibility to create life long memories for students while learning about material, team building and the world around them. cityHUNT is more than happy to provide more information on educational field trips and scavenger hunts. Just give us a call!

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