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Whoa! High five yourself because somehow, whether you deserve it or not, you are considered a pal of cityHUNT and are getting the friend hookup for…

[Saturday, August 20th]



Life is short... FREAK OUT ON A FIRE TRUCK!

Writers, painters, playwrights, musicians, thinkers, drinkers and revolutionaries have long called the West Village home. Join us as we abandon inhibition and barrel through the gorgeously tangled boulevards of this storied neighborhood. Carpe Diem, friends! Carpe Diem!


Security guards need naps too!

Here’s how it works– In teams of 2 to 4, you will go forth into one of New York’s splendid neighborhoods, racing through the boulevards and back alleys as you solve clues, puzzles, complete challenges and dares, photographing the hilarious lunacy as you go. There will be too many tasks to complete within the allotted time and, while this is a race and the first three teams to check in will receive bonus points, that doesn’t guarantee victory. Cleverness, creativity, strategy and boldness will most assuredly rack up the greatest number of points and win the day.

WHERE: Kenny’s Castaways, 157 Bleecker Street (Corner of Bleecker and Thompson)

WHEN: Check in begins at 4:30 on Saturday, August 20th. The Hunt begins at 5:30 (ON THE DOT!) and lasts a maximum of three hours. Teams that do not check in at the final location with a cityHUNT guide by 8:30 (ON THE DOT!) will be docked 100 points which will be devastating to your chances of victory.

HOW MUCH: The hookup fee for this Urban Adventure is $20 per person (less than half the cost). Teams will be composed of two to four participants. Pay securely by clicking the Pay Pal button below.

TEAMS: Buying a ticket for the hunt enables you, individually, to participate in the hunt. But this is a team competition. The teams are from 2 to 4 people. Make sure everyone has bought a ticket (they’ll be on our checklist when you arrive to register) and tell us at that time who is on your team.

We also highly recommend selecting a sweet team name. The Lightning Bolt Unicorns, for instance. Or how’s about The Fastidious Busy-Bodies? No, no! The Morbidly Obese Kittens! Well, whatever you decide… 20 extremely subjective points will be awarded to the best team name.

WHAT TO WEAR: Be comfortable. Wear supportive shoes as you’ll be covering some ground. Team costumes / uniforms are highly recommended and are worth up to 30 bonus points based on creativity, ludicrousness and general radicalness.

WHAT TO BRING: At least one smart phone is recommended per team for the hunt (as well as everyday life in NYC). You will need to take pictures to prove you have completed tasks, will need to look up historical information and will need to have a map to find challenge locations. Or you could bring a digital camera, a compass, a map and an encyclopedic knowledge of New York City history. Up to you.

WHAT TO BE: Prepared. For anything. Because anything could happen.

Rule #39: Don't Get Busted!

Come have a hell of an evening with us!

West Village Hunt, August 20th


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