Taste the wine, build relationships, and have some fun. That is the theme of this hour to two hour wine social experience. This event can either be done as a series of stand-alone activities or a series of team activities. If the experience is set up as a team program the group will be broken into teams of five to seven people. If the program is set up as a stand-alone event, a series of stations will be set up where people can participate at their leisure.

Either way the participants will compete in a series of challenges built around a wine and social theme. Each game will get everyone laughing and smiling as they play for prizes or just for fun, while enjoying a libation or two. The activities can include The blind wine tasting, social BINGO, I know cheese, and The food and wine pair off. The program’s games will be customized or custom built around the client’s goals, the theme of the event, and the interests of the participants.

Each Wine Social Experience includes:
1- 2 hours of wine and social experience games
Experience hosts to facilitate 3-4 rounds of games
An experience producer to customize the program

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