Team Building Los AngelesHave you sent in audition tapes to The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, and even a Minute to Win it with no call back?

Did you fry your brain, testing for Jeopardy only to find out the contestant next to you is GOOGLE in human-form?

Well the drought is over; cityHUNT is making it rain trivia, factoids and buzzers all over Manhattan’s biggest meeting rooms.

We’re serving up hot competition between sales managers and account executives, interoffice departments, even between the EXECS and the interns… all just to see who will be named the Team Building Game Show Champions!

TeambuildingcityHUNT‘s Team building Game Show is more than just fun and games…and bonus rounds; it’s the opportunity to engage your team in outrageously fun educational session; it’s delivering the next quarterly meeting in that alluring game show host voice; it’s uniting and bonding your team together in a fun and interactive experience.

What will our game show masters build for your group?

cityHUNT will create several rounds of themed trivia questions and challenges customized specifically for your group, built around your project, your objectives and your goals!

This is NOT our final answer…

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