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The RIDE is New York City


Part tour, part show, The RIDE brings fresh scenes to the streets of New York City while transforming each rider from spectator to star.

When the CEO of a Fortune 500 begins tap dancing at the bus stop, and deliveryman  abandons his package to breakdance on the sidewalk, boundaries between what’s on the street and what’s in the show blur. In addition to usual tour talk – i.e. “The three tallest buildings in New York City are…” – The RIDE releases fresh facts, fun tests, and unrivaled events including karaoke contests and subway simulations.

From stadium seats enveloped in panoramic windows, riders look out at the city while being discovered by the city. Riders go “On Air,” as The RIDE brings inside sounds out, and passersby become each rider’s paparazzi.

The new Holiday Edition ride celebrates New York City in its favorite time of year with new videos, performances and music. The midtown route highlights the finest of the City’s iconic decorations and locations, including Grand Central Terminal, Fifth Avenue, the Baccarat crystal star, Tiffany’s, Cartier, the tree at Rockefeller Center, Radio City Music Hall and many more!

To celebrate the wonders of the season, The RIDE is offering special rates for individuals and groups. A unique experience, The RIDE leaves you feeling like a native New Yorker, apart of every quip, performance, and inside joke. Be transformed on THE RIDE!

Experience the RIDE:

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