We are on the hunt for spectacular interns!


cityHUNT Internships: Sales & Marketing, cityHUNT Operations, Social Media

Internship Company Overview:
 Erase all previous internship experience, cityHUNT is far from a commonplace company. We work with the best clientele; customizing unique, memorable and FUN adventures through some of the biggest cities in our nation, providing the most effective form of team building and interactive marketing events. There is a treasure chest at the end of your internship search…and it is right here!
We are looking for enthusiastic & motivated students in the Philadelphia Area with entrepreneurial spirits to join our team. Experience and knowledge with up to date online marketing techniques, such as SEO, SEM and social media platforms is highly preferred. cityHUNT values all skills, experience and insights that their new team member can bring to the table, so all majors welcome!
If you are looking for an invaluable internship experience that will open you up to the world of marketing, sales, business operations, social media … and scavenger hunt adventures.
Shoot an email to brooke@cityHUNT.org with PHL Intern  in the subject line.