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cityHUNT and Cooking by the Book, two of America’s premier team building authorities, have partnered up to offer a truly spectacular team building event. We combine the adventure of a fully customized Scavenger Hunt with New York’s finest culinary hands-on experience. Culinary Scavenger Hunt NYC

Your scavenger hunt is a multi-faceted “Concrete Picture Safari” through a New York City neighborhood with clues, challenges, and photo taking tasks. Pair this with 1 of 3 uniquely crafted kitchen experiences, such as The Big Apple Tapas Hunt, Flavors-Adventures-Clues, or The Iron Chef Treasure Hunt. This experience will have your team hunting around the streets of New York City, as well as having a Mario Batali moment, cooking in a state of the art, professional facility!

cityHUNT and Cooking by the Book now offer your team the cutting edge in team building experiences. Your event will address your specific goals and company’s culture, to truly customize your experience and make this one unforgettable outing.

With over 30 years of combined experience, cityHUNT and Cooking by the Book know how off site adventures can create powerful teams, while having fun enjoying delicious food!  There is no doubt the office will be buzzing the next day with scrumptious stories and lots of laughter about their culinary-hunt experience.

Do you smell what we’re cooking? Join the hunt today, call us to see what we can brew up for you!

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