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Client: A leading television network

City Hunt Challenge: Create a scavenger hunt to get advertisers excited about the network. Each clue had to highlight a specific message. City Hunt utilized various forms of delivery for the clues including snail mail, email, websites, text mail, and magazines.

Solution: City Hunt created a series of clues. If a person solved a clue correctly, he or she was automatically entered into a drawing for the prize associated with that clue. The clues were received via mail, internet websites such as Myspace.com, and at the network’s event presentation. At the event, City Hunt guides passed out treasure maps with clues on them, and participants were entered into a grand sweepstakes.

Client Feedback: Our Upfront Multi-Media Scavenger hunt was a tremendous success. Utilizing the internet, email, wireless, print and on-site we created a truly interactive experience that engaged our clients and enhanced our key brand positioning.

Executives from two of our largest clients, General Motors and Anheuser Busch both told us that we had the most creative upfront event of any network, General Market or Spanish Language during Upfront week. We did more than just stand up and tell them we had multi-platform opportunities, we actually did it with our Scavenger Hunt. Best of all, we had our clients do it with us via their active participation in our Upfront Scavenger Hunt. It was a tremendous success and we thank you for your help and guidance throughout the entire process…