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Client: Diesel Clothing

City Hunt Challenge: Create a fun, interactive Ultimate Adventure which strengthens teamwork and creativity to generate enthusiasm among the staff regarding Diesel’s new brand image before its campaign launch.

Solution: Business to Employee is the newest form of event marketing that is catching the attention of companies everywhere. City Hunt incorporated this growing phenomenon into an innovative and exciting corporate event to celebrate Diesel Day with its employees. Taking over the lively streets of New York, we used the entire city to build the Diesel brand through a multi-layered approach. Developing a series of customized clues based on New York, and Diesel’s history and culture, the puzzles served to enhance communication skills and educate participants about their industry. In addition, three customized challenges helped keep participants interested and proactively involved. Finally, the event included a customized picture task sheet with a list of images for teams to capture throughout the hunt. In order to fuel excitement about the new campaign, City Hunt used Diesel’s actual marketing promotional art in the layout of the clues and challenges to create a truly significant urban adventure for the company.