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November 30, 2007
Games, Outings Keep Workers Connected

Here’s a look at three small companies that use team-building activities to bring their work forces closer together — and keep them wanting to stay around.

Most of the 17 employees at New York ad-sales company Mongoose Atlantic Inc. are recent college graduates. It’s an energetic bunch who stays around for two years on average to get experience in sales.

Courtesy of the company

Steve Channon (right) on a scavenger hunt with Mongoose employees

As an incentive for hitting sales targets, the company rewards its sales force with group activities, usually with a competitive element, says Vice President Steve Channon. “It helps ease them into the work force if they can socialize with co-workers,” he says. For recent graduates inclined to hop jobs, “if they have friends here, they’ll stay longer.”

One recent activity was a scavenger hunt in New York’s Greenwich Village, organized by City Hunt LLC, a team building and adventure company. Teams that mixed employees from different work groups combed the streets for four hours, looking for clues, such as a commemorative wall plaque, and following instructions like photographing the team all wearing sunglasses. Winners earned T-shirts and a free round of drinks.