Themes to Use as Awesome Halloween Party Ideas

Day of the dead costumes on a cityHUNT! Who says Halloween is just for kids? We love this spooky season and the plethora of parties that are being thrown during time that leads up to October 31st. Not only is Halloween a great time for parties but these themed events can make for great team building opportunities. What better way to bond, than participating in an event that calls for groups to bring out their silly side? If you are planning your own Halloween event and are struggling for themes check out one of the ideas that we have brewing in our cauldron!

Gatsby Party!

Who doesn’t want to party like Gatsby? The age of prohibition is the perfect Halloween party theme. You and your guests can dress up in your finest rendition of flapper and mob boss costumes. Gather up your most lavish decorations, and brush up on your 20’s terminology for a party that’s the bee’s knees! Plus the new rendition of The Great Gatsby has a built in drinking game. Every time that Leonardo DiCaprio does anything dramatic or over the top, have your guests take a sip of moonshine! This party is great for those of you who want to mix up some amazing cocktails and host one classy party.

Zombie Apocalypse Party

Zombie photo from a cityHUNT If you haven’t noticed the hysteria and obsession that surrounds the possibility of a zombie apocalypse then you have obviously been living under a rock(Just kidding!). The number of television shows, movies, and bizarre Jane Austen renditions that involve zombies make this a great theme for your Halloween party this year. Zombie costumes are also great to make on the fly, just grab some clothes from your local charity shop and enlist some DIY destruction on them. Don’t be afraid to rub some dirt on them as well! This theme will also give you some great party games to work with for example zombie freeze tag, zombie musical chairs, and even zombie trivia taken from your favorite zombie related show or movie.

Ghosts, Ghouls, and Ghastly Creatures!

Forget Glenda the Good Witch, dare your guests to dress up in the most terrifying costume that they can create. This theme is not for those who are faint of heart, or afraid of gore! Give a prize out for the scariest costume and announce the winner at midnight. Your group is are to have a frightening time!

Now That You Have a Halloween Theme, It’s Time to Party

  • Once you have decided on a theme you can start begin to plan your party and assemble your guests.

  • Another idea for an amazing team building Halloween event or party would be to throw a Halloween scavenger hunt.

  • Use the theme as a guide for the costumes that the participants will wear and also as inspiration for the type of clues that you create.

  • Check out some of the public events that cityHUNT is throwing this Halloween season.

However you decide to celebrate, have a howling time!