coworkers gathered at a restaurant after work After a long week of work and stress in the windy city, a great way to unwind with your friends can be to organize an after dark scavenger hunt. Trade in your Friday night routine for an activity that will allow you unleash your inner Sherlock and blow off some steam! Below we’ve provided tips for you if you’re short on Chicago scavenger hunt ideas, if you don’t believe us just try it out one night you won’t regret it!

Chicago Scavenger Hunt Ideas For a Night Out

Gather Your Team

Get together at least three groups of around three to five people. You will want to call on your pals that seek adventure and maybe like you need something to look forward to in order to power through the week. Make a roster of who will be on the competing teams is your first step to organizing an amazing and unique night out in Chicago. To start your event off on the right foot send out the invitations with a one sentence e-card that gives the hunters the starting location and the clues but no other information. This will begin to build the anticipation for your awesome night out on the town!

Create Your Hunt

One of the most important and time consuming portions of planning this night will be creating the tasks and riddles that will make up the hunt. The obstacles that the teams will face can range from asking strangers to do ridiculous things, locating and stopping in your favorite bar to take a group shot, or even having on team members bust out their best moves on a crowded street corner! Use the knowledge that you have of your participants to create tasks that you know they will love. If you need some help finding locations that your group can visit keep reading for some tips on how to scope out awesome locations!

 Chicago Scavenger Hunt ideas for Locations

To ensure that you’re hunt is as engaging for the teams as it can possibly be here are some tips when choosing locations that they will visit:

  • Choose a meeting location that is central to all the areas you want to go to. This will allow the teams to more easily branch out to interesting locations once the hunt has begun.

  • Keep the locations within walking distance of one another, or within the use of public transportation.

  • Choose locations that are historically based or major points of interest within Chicago, for example the the historic Chicago Theater.

  • Use a location that is a spot that you regularly visit with this group of individuals. Perhaps your favorite pub. Not only will your teams get to stop for a drink to keep them moving, you can also create really fun tasks and trivia that include drinking!

Make It Special – Add your own Twist

Add in clues/questions about topics that your friends are interested in, movies, food etc.

If your friends are really adventurous spice it up and add a costume theme. Here are a few suggestions:

  • 80’s night
  • TV show characters
  • Movie Theme
  • Etc.

Wrap Up Your Planning, and Get To The Good Stuff

You will want the participants to keep track of the tasks that they accomplish, a great way to do this is through the use of cameras. Instruct the participants to take pictures and videos of their teammates as they complete tasks. You can also use an app to conduct your hunt check out our information on mobile hunts. Once you put this plan in action you will be able to take your night out from average to amazing and the bar for a good night out will be set to a whole new level!