Cisco Grill (4)Your organizational values make up your corporate culture. What do you want it to be? One of stress, and chaos? Or, one of positive outlooks, collaboration and productivity?  While implementing organizational values of positivity might take more initial effort than other corporate values, it will set your company up for success. What will your Organizational Values be? The choice is yours.

Obtaining Positivity As One Of Your Organizational Values

Why a Positive Outlook Matters

Let’s face it, employees who have a positive outlook towards work, are happier and more productive than employees with a negative attitude. Negative attitudes foster, unhappiness, negative feelings, and unproductive work habits. While positive attitudes foster, collaboration and increased productivity. Set your employees up for success and eliminate the negative attitudes and outlooks in your workplace.

Why You Should Lead By Example

If you want your company to have a certain organizational value, rather it be one of a positive outlook or not, this outlook and attitude must come from the top down. If you do not follow or represent the rules/values you set for your employees, they certainly are not going to. Employees will look up to and respect a leader who exemplifies the positive culture of the company. Remember “Actions speak louder than words”.

How to lead positivity as one of your organizational Values

Recognition of good work goes a long way in terms of employee happiness and outlook. If a worker feels that the hard work they are putting in is recognized, then they feel that their contribution is appreciated. If they feel their contributions are appreciated, then they feel empowered to continue producing high quality, efficient work.

You should create a work environment that recognizes peoples accomplishments and contributions to the workload. An environment with positive recognition is one that will foster more achievements from employees than an environment with no positive or only negative recognition.

Encourage your employees to communicate and work with one another. Nothing is worse than feeling isolated, and like you do not have the right resources on the job. Encouraging teamwork will eliminate this obstacle to a productive work environment.

Remember teamwork, a positive attitude, and to lead by example and you will be on your way to creating organizational values for your company that will set everyone up for a successful future.