As we move towards the holiday season, it is important to take time to remember what we are thankful for. cityHUNT is thankful for those who help others. Luckily there are many organizations dedicated to helping others located around the country. Each cause raises awareness, unique to an area in our society that needs attention. Today, cityHUNT wants to take the time to acknowledge and spread awareness of a special organization in the Philly area, Variety- The Children’s Charity.

Learn More About Variety- The Children’s Charity

What they Do

Variety, the Children’s Charity of Greater Philadelphia, has been improving the social competencies of children with developmental and physical disabilities since 1935. Variety serves children from birth to age 21 who have disabilities that are permanent as well as temporary.  The Philadelphia Chapter of Variety is currently part of a network of fifty branches that are located around the world.

Variety uses recreational activities and programs such as their Gold Buddies Program, which is a partnership with the PGA of America, to provide disabled children with the opportunity to prosper and grow within a safe and nurturing environment.

How it Started

The first meeting of Variety, the Children’s Charity was in 1927. Those meeting were people from various facets of the show business, hence the name Variety. The organization did not advocate for children until the events on Christmas Eve 1928, when a baby girl was left in a theater with a note.

“Please take care of my baby. Her name is Catherine. I can no longer take care of her. I have eight others. My husband is out of work. She was born on Thanksgiving Day. I have always heard of the goodness of show business and I pray to God that you will look out for her. — A Heart-Broken Mother.

The group decided to act as the child’s ‘godfathers’, making sure that she was taken care of. From these actions Variety- The Children’s Charity was born.

Young Variety

Young Variety is a subdivision of the charity. This group of young leaders from the business community work to raise funds for disabled children through the use of social activities. TheHalloween Young Variety Logo as of 9-28-11y  volunteer their time and efforts to Variety, and assist in the management of events that Variety throws for the benefit of the organization. The members of this initiative are of the ages 21-39 and work to bring their experiences and ideas to this worthy cause.

Here at cityHUNT we believe that Variety’s mission to further social change through the use of recreation and social events is amazing and very like the goals that we have. This is why we are throwing a Philadelphia public event that will benefit the charity. We are gathering in the Center City/Rittenhouse area for a Halloween hunt that will be a blast and raise proceeds for Variety- the Children’s Charity. To learn more about this event and to show your support visit our site.