100_1503The beautiful capitol, Washington DC, awaits your company! Agents, pack your bags and prepare yourselves for an intense, highly intellectual special assignment. You are being asked to partake in a Washington DC scavenger hunt. Be aware deputies, these hunts have been known to cause a state of puzzled confusion and complex riddles. Do not forget to bring your A-Game, you’ll need it! These hunts are seriously fun and entertaining! These five necessities below will help you as you complete your mission. Good luck agents!



4 Necessities for Your Washington DC Scavenger Hunt

1. Exploration Area

It is time to explore with a Washington DC Scavenger Hunt! Are you into politics and desire visiting the Capitol Building? Perhaps you’re more interested in presidential histories such as the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. Washington DC has several beautiful as well as historical sights to see, so wherever you choose to hunt will be amazing. Your Washington DC scavenger hunt adventure is one step closer to being completed after you select your beginning destination!

2.  Proper Preparation

Make sure you are prepared to embark on your mission. Here are 3 tips to having a successful and outrageously fun scavenger hunt.

  • Team Posing in front of a monumentKnow your mission: Make sure you know what the endgame is. This way you can keep everyone on track towards greatness!
  • Attitude: Attitude is everything. Positivity, ingenuity and determination will get you far.
  • Equipment: Make sure you wear weather appropriate clothing, and  comfortable shoes for walking. Bring water, and an extra camera for capturing additional memories.

3. All-Star Team

Grab your closest gals and guys! It’s time to suit up agents and uncover the secrets buried in the Capitol! A team is only as strong as it’s weakest link: so build your team with the most diverse individuals you know. Each unique element brought to the team’s table will enhance your chances of solving complex riddles and clues. Even the smartest individuals can be stumped! Teamwork is dream work!

4.Thinking Caps

So you’ve selected your location, and all-star team, and have the proper attitude. Now what? Don’t forget to utilize those thinking caps, my friends! When riddles leave you star-struck, and clues have lead you to a crossroads, that handy-dandy brain will be your savior!

All four of these necessities will help immensely on your Washington dc scavenger hunt. Make sure you remember to pack your smile as well. Memories and good times are eagerly awaiting around the corner. Good luck and happy hunting, agents!