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Unique NYC Scavenger Hunt Ideas

A dash of this, pinch of that... Even scavenger hunts need to be spiced up sometimes! Are you feeling adventurous and eagerly searching for a stronger cup of tea? Then you need to participate in a themed NYC Scavenger Hunt! Still a little fuzzy about why a themed hunt is better? Simply put, themed hunts allow [...]

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What is a city Scavenger Hunt?

I bet you have heard of a scavenger hunt before. In fact, I am positive you are familiar with the term. And you have heard of tourism or being a tourist, or going on a guided tour before as well. Sometimes even long-time residents can feel like tourists in their own city. Believe it or [...]

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Why you should Scavenger Hunt NYC

The attractions of the Big Apple are endless! You can live there your whole life and still never see or experience all that it has to offer. From Brooklyn to the Bronx, Manhattan to Queens and then Staten Island; you are surrounded by the unique culture, architecture and arts that each neighborhood has to offer. [...]

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5 Essential Steps to Planning the Ultimate Corporate Scavenger Hunt

Are you having difficulty planning your next successful corporate event? A Corporate scavenger hunt is a clever way to entertain clients, staff or stakeholders. Partake in a game of thrills, mystery, adventure and challenging clues guaranteed to test your skills! Utilize knowledge of various objects and places to uncover hidden clues. Each participant will become [...]

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