VS headshotAn adept writer with an impressive background took interest in cityHUNT. Vicki Salemi writes in her article Get out of the Office on a cityHUNT Team-Building Scavenger Hunt, “Meet cityHUNT (cityhunt.org), a team-building scavenger hunt company that’s an antidote to mundane days at dreary desks.” Salemi’s charming article emphasizes the benefits of a team-building scavenger hunt that cityHUNT has been operating on for years. Team-building scavenger hunts engage individuals in a fun, educational and entertaining way! If a successful youth icon takes interest in cityHUNT, what other proof do you need? It’s time to go FUN HUNTING!We want to take this time to thank Salemi for her interest in our company; and while she finds us intriguing, we find her equally as compelling, if not more so. Out of gratification, we would love to spread her inspiring story and personal achievements.

Vicki Salemi and Team building Scavenger Hunts

Salemi’s Impressive Resume

In May of 2010 Salemi released a book titled, “Big Career in the big city: Land a job and get a life in New York.” This intriguing book grabs the reins of many aspiring young talents and steers them onto successful pathways. If her book is not impressive enough,Salemi currently hosts Score That Job on MediabistroTV. Career and HR expert,author and editor of Mediabistro, Salemi deserves appropriate attention. Ambitious women like Vick Salemi are hard to come by. With an open heart, Salemi centralizes her work around helping future generations land better than mediocre jobs. What better way to build stronger relationships than with a team building scavenger hunt? The importance of strong communication skills both verbal and nonverbal are essential in today’s job market.

Demonstrating her exceptional writing ability and communication skills, Salemi often contributes to the:

  • New York Post
  • Other media outlets
  •  Occasionally teaches public speaking courses for higher education
  • Runs her own tailored job search boot camp (wow!)
  • Interacts/interviews with high-end celebrities

Check out more of her accomplishments here…(www.vickisalemi.com)

Whether implementing her producing, editing, journalistic or perhaps her interviewing skills, Salemi’s tributes are always notable. Did I mention all of her published works are definitely worth reading? Guaranteed to leave you in better shape than before!

Career Orator

Vicki Salemi captures the ears, eyes and hearts of her audience with her exuberant charisma. A fashion icon and career heroine, Salemi maintains a grandiose reputation in the Big Apple. While her career progressively flourishes, she enlightens thousands of her wisdom and valuable points of advice. My personal advice: Bury your nose in Salemi’s inspiring written works, or attend one of her powerful classes. Truly a prominent figure in today’s competitive job world.

Salemi and cityHUNT

Salemi is the Mother of younger generations striving to educate individuals on how to succeed in New York (and the overall employed-world). Her advice as well as opinions should be admired. Since Salemi found cityHUNT’s remedy to the uneventful work day important, it is our hope that others will take the time to consider a team building scavenger hunt as well.

A special thank you to have captured the attention of the remarkable, Vicki Salemi.