100_0390Scavenger hunts on their own are fun, and pack a great impact. Yet the most important party about a scavenger hunt is not merely the ‘scavenger hunting’, but the creativity that is inspired by this task. Creative thinking allows for a more fulfilling, unique and entertaining lifestyle. It also builds a foundation for more innovative problem solving; a skill which is extremely beneficial in the workplace. This is the reason why cityHUNT makes a point to ensure that when you go on a new york scavenger hunt it will inspire creative thought for you and your team. We will also work with you to make sure that the process you undertake in building the hunt is a creative one, which will lay the foundation for a new york scavenger hunt that is will inspire creativity, even in those who consider themselves uninspired.

3 ways to be creative with your new york scavenger hunt

Inspire creativity with creativity

Your New York Scavenger Hunt will inspire creativity throughout your team, if you take the time to sit down, and be creative with the planning process. Here are some tips to ensure creativity while planning your hunt:

  • Make a list of what you have done before
    • You can avoid doing this event again
    • Or if it was a big success make sure it is different when you do it again
  • Come up with a list of  events that you think would be fun to do that have not been done before
  • Make sure that it is at least 50% different from prior events you have done
    • Pick a different location
    • Pick a different theme
  • Mix up the teams who work together

Cater to your Group For your New York Scavenger Hunt

Find out from your team what their likes and interests are. You do not want to pick a theme or location for your scavenger hunt that holds no interest for anyone on your team.  This brainstorming session might also provide you with new insights into a great location or theme you could use for your scavenger hunt!

Encourage Out of the Box Participation in the event

The event will be even more fun and creative if you let the participants know from the get-go that it is one of the goals for your New York Scavenger Hunt. Encourage this type of participation from your team by:

  • Tell all those participating that creativity is a fundamental component to the hunt
  • Encourage the sharing of ideas to make the hunt more creative
  • For your teams early for the event that way they can have the chance to develop a costume for the event if they so wish
    • Encourage this behavior with bonus points
  • Encourage those on the event to come up with the most creative solutions to the clues and puzzles that they can
    • Offer bonus points for the winner

Above all else your scavenger hunt should inspire creativity. That way the creativity that is developed during the hunt can be transferred  to the  daily tasks at work, to become  innovation. If you need help with this process cityHUNT would be more than happy to assist you.