Two  teammates on an NYC scavenger hunt dressed as super heros, one holding another A dash of this, pinch of that… Even scavenger hunts need to be spiced up sometimes! Are you feeling adventurous and eagerly searching for a stronger cup of tea? Then you need to participate in a themed NYC Scavenger Hunt! Still a little fuzzy about why a themed hunt is better? Simply put, themed hunts allow you to dress up, explore your creative side, exercise your imagination and partake in an unforgettable adventure. In addition, themed hunts combine other elements that are not usually found in the traditional scavenger hunt. Now, doesn’t that sound vitalizing? What are we waiting for, let’s get themed!


 6 NYC Scavenger Hunt Theme Ideas

# 1. National Treasure Theme/Sherlock Holmes Hunt

Sift through dust as you tip-toe around NYC uncovering secrets. Grab your magnifying glass, writing utensils, and binoculars. Travel to different NYC museums in search of de-masking the hints within works of art. Each dusty museum crevice holds some valuable piece of information, Detective Holmes. Don’t forget to watch out for surprise clues! Hunt for your treasure with this exhilarating NYC scavenger hunt theme.

Hands making a star with their fingers, in the dark and they glow.# 2. Glow in the Dark NYC Scavenger Hunt

Think you can only hunt in the day time? Think again! Ever imagine you could illuminate the night with colorful lights as you hunt for unsolved riddles, clues and hints? Keep your identity concealed detective while you uncover secrets of the night. Cool off with the brisk night time air while you partake in the adventure of a lifetime. Grab your friends, family or coworkers and become nightowls! Everything is more fun when you’re glowing!

#3. Capture the Color Scavenger Hunt

Which color of the rainbow would you be if given the chance? Passionate red? Elegant lavender, tranquil blue or perhaps the optimistic yellow? Dress to impress in your team color, while you race others to capture your team’s flag color first! All teams are given a set amount of clues/riddles. If deciphered correctly, the final location will reveal all the team flags. First ones to the goal safely rescue their team’s flag and are allowed to take one other team flag as well. Whichever team is unable to rescue their flag, will lose points in their overall score. Let the hunts begin!

# 4. Red Carpet Hunt

It is time to be glamorous and bedazzle ourselves just like celebrities! In this NYC scavenger hunt, teams dress up as their favorite celeb idols and embark on a journey to learn more about their famous figures. Tread carefully, the perks of fame are often too luxurious to avoid!

Super Hero Cape

# 5. Superhero Hunt

Ever wish you had a superpower?  We sure have! While cityHUNT may not be able to give you superhuman abilities we can give you the opportunity to dress and act like a hero. Animate your imagination as you venture through NYC with your red cape flowing effortlessly behind you! Every city needs a Hero!

6. Clue Themed Hunt

“Mrs. Peacock, in the Library, with the revolver”, do you remember waiting in suspense to find out the final details of the crime? cityHUNT recreate this suspense in our thrilling murder-mystery themed hunt.  While scavenger hunting uncover clues about the details of the crime, who what where and when. We promise no true crimes will be committed, and no peacocks will  be harmed in the making and playing of this scavenger hunt.

Remember cityHUNTers, all of these unique scavenger hunt ideas can be applied to any city, at any time. Here at cityHUNT, we do not limit or cap our opportunities for fun. Submerge yourself in an unforgettable adventure with a NYC scavenger hunt!

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Happy Hunting!