team stopping a NYC taxi The attractions of the Big Apple are endless! You can live there your whole life and still never see or experience all that it has to offer. From Brooklyn to the Bronx, Manhattan to Queens and then Staten Island; you are surrounded by the unique culture, architecture and arts that each neighborhood has to offer. It is impossible to see all of the city at once, so if you are going to explore, explore in style and Scavenger Hunt ! Find out why with our Top 3 Reasons to Scavenger Hunt NYC below.

Reasons to Scavenger Hunt NYC

Reason # 1 The neighborhoods

The diversity found within the neighborhoods of NYC make them exceptional hunting grounds for scavenger hunts. The different atmospheres allow for truly unique experiences when hunting. See something you never knew was there, or see something you knew of in a new light. The neighborhoods of NYC will not disappoint. Here are some of NYC’s most popular hunting grounds you would hate to miss! I could list several more absolutely magnificent places to see, but here are my favorites you must squeeze into your schedule book!

  • Wall StreetTeam fencing in central park
  • Central Park
  • Times Square
  • West Village
  • Grand Central Station
  • East Village
  • SoHo


Reason #2 Experience new things while you scavenger hunt NYC

Rather you are new to the city, a NYC native or somewhere in between what sets NYC apart from other cities is the experiences that await discovery. All the diversity combines to provide you with endless opportunities to experience new things and break out of your shell. From stores and street performers you have never seen to the soaring skyscrapers and the lights of Time Square. You will feel the freedom of expression and aspirations of those who live here. If you open your mind to the city you will have an experience that will last a lifetime!

Reason #3 there is something for everyone

No matter what you are into, there is something for you to enjoy while exploring one of NYC’s unique neighborhoods. Here are just a few interests that can be satisfied while hunting:

  • Entire team behind bars Fashion Times Square/ Garment district
  • Pop culture -Times Square
  • The arts – Theatre District
  • History- One of the numerous museums
  • Nature- Central Park
  • Food- Anywhere and everywhere
  • Architecture – Throughout the city
  • Animals -Bronx Zoo

While satisfying your current interests you may even develop a few new ones!

Still not convinced that to scavenger hunt NYC is for you? Just ask yourself, are you ready to

  • See NYC for the first time?
  • See NYC in a new light?
  • See and experience new things?
  • Be able to walk among skyscrapers, and then an expansive park?
  • Meet and mingle with new interesting people?
  • Possibly bump elbows with a celebrity?
  • Be immersed in culture and diversity in more ways than you thought possible?
  • Have the time of your life?

If you answered yes to even one of those options then you are ready to scavenger hunt NYC!
The Big Apple is the place to be, let alone, the place to hunt! With countless activities as well as attractions, why not go have some fun? Experience an adventure of a lifetime when you plan a scavenger hunt in NYC!

For additional information regarding planning the perfect NYC scavenger hunt, check out cityHUNT’s website . Here at cityHUNT, It’s all designed for you around what you love!

Don’t hesitate! Happy Hunting!